8 points and 1 krypton: Ma Yun: Internet technology to yield per mu of one thousand dollars; Faraday's future confirmation of financing; the world into "cash free society"...

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original title: 8 points, 1 krypton: Ma Yun: Internet technology should achieve one thousand yuan for mu yield; Faraday will confirm that she will get financing in the future; the world will enter "cashless society", China ranks third

in the world.

Ma Yun: Mr. Yuan Longping made per mu yield of one thousand jin, we Internet technology, to strive to achieve one thousand dollars per mu.

| Meng Xiaobai

Faraday will confirm the financing in the future and will start the production plan

got information from insiders yesterday. Faraday's future (Faraday Future, hereinafter referred to as "FF") has confirmed that it has received a financing from Hongkong financial group, and its financing scale is more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, but the exact amount has not yet been announced. In addition, Jia Yueting is still the principal contributor and the core founder of FF. After getting the financing, FF will step into the second stage of the strategy - start the production plan. The first to achieve mass production is the FF91 model, which is the only high-end mass production vehicle that FF has announced at the moment. The above insider also said: "1 billion dollars can ensure that the company will bring the first batch of production cars into the market and sell in the US and China, considering that FF has factories in China and the United States."

Ali has reached a partnership with the Shandong government to achieve $one thousand

per mu

group Alibaba and the Shandong provincial government signed a new energy conversion comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said, "Mr. Yuan Longping to do yield one thousand pounds, US internet technology, to fight for the yield to one thousand. In this way, the land has been added value, and the farmer has the greatest opportunity. "

according to the agreement, the two sides will establish county, town and village rural comprehensive e-commerce service system, and relying on rural resources in Taobao, "Amoy sweet" Xiang "and poverty reduction and other aspects of cooperation, the quality of agricultural products sold in Shandong. In December 1st, Ma also presented a partnership with Alibaba partners. He announced that he invested 10 billion in the 5 years to set up the poverty alleviation fund and classified it into a strategic business of Alibaba.

ant gold clothes become EMVCo technical partner

EMVCo (International chip card and payment technology standard organization) announced eight new partners to join its partners, of which ant gold clothing is one of five new technology partners. This message has touched the sensitive nerve of the mobile payment industry and is expected to play a role in the formulation of the EMV two-dimensional code technical standards.

ant gold clothing to become the technology partner of EMVCo, will enhance Alipay's international credibility, is very beneficial to the promotion of Alipay internationalization." A UnionPay insider told the new money reporter.

12306 will add a new way to WeChat notification: reversion of ticket information can be sent by the 12306 public number

in order to further enrich the information notification channel, 12306 new WeChat notice, WeChat notice, booking, refund and change notice information through "railway 12306" WeChat public number to send, train operation adjustment and verification of mobile phone number through short message sending.

chooses passengers who are notified by WeChat, and can also unbind WeChat through 12306 websites, APP, public numbers or small programs, cancel WeChat notification and restore SMS notification service.

Ali auction launched a "headstream" column: online sales of jewelry, arts and crafts,

Ali auction with the aid of the Christmas promotion node, the introduction of the "source of the original" column. This is the third in - depth supply chain after the Ali system and the Taobao heart selection.

has learned that "the best source" is mainly selling jewelry and crafts online: the platform is screened from a group of brand jewelers and foundries of brand handicraft factories, and users can directly select and purchase online. The direct supply of the factory shortens the supply chain, and the direct selling model has also brought the price advantage. The data from Ali's auction showed that more than a million users were attracted by the only Christmas event in the "headstream" column.

global is entering the "cash free society" in China, the number of non cash transactions in the world's third

The latest global payment report jointly released by

Capgemini and BNP Paribas shows that the number of non cash transactions has reached 433 billion 100 million times in the world, up to 11.2% in 2015. Among them, the United States is in the lead, followed by the eurozone and China. In a cash free world, the government can reduce costs, solve corruption problems, raise tax revenues, and even curb the "black economy" that relies on cash for drug transactions.

the total investment of the new energy auto industry park of Bao can 30 billion yuan

Bao Neng new energy auto industry park started work, this is Bao Neng group in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou

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