4000 teachers of the Communist Party in 2018! Yuanjiang Tibet million teachers to support education plan

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original title: 4000 teachers of the Communist Party in 2018! Yuanjiang Tibet million teachers teaching plan to

days ago, the Ministry of education in conjunction with the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, human resources and social security department jointly issued the "Tibet Yuanjiang million teachers teaching plan". In 2018, the first batch of 4000 teachers from Tibet, Xinjiang and the military corps were expected. A first group of Yuanjiang Tibet teachers in the spring of 2018 in place before the start, there is difficulty in the provinces, aid by both sides agreed in 2018 before the fall semester in place.

What is the specific requirements of the

selection of Yuanjiang Tibet? What kind of preferential treatment do you have? Xiaobian take you to see down here:

What is the main task of


, according to the principle of "reasonable, sustainable and feasible", every year, a number of excellent teachers (including full-time teachers and educational administrators) were selected from mainland schools to teach in Tibet and Xinjiang. In principle to the counterpart Yuanjiang Tibet provinces and schools as the main body, to science teachers, taking into account other disciplines; the middle school teachers, both primary school teachers, each 10-20 consists of 1 working groups to encourage group support 1 schools.

Yuanjiang Tibet of the full-time teachers is mainly responsible for teaching and class management tasks, organizing teaching activities, business training and instruction, give full play to the exemplary role of backbone, with local teachers teaching team, drive the recipient schools to enhance the overall level of school science teaching and educational management ability. Yuanjiang Tibet education management personnel is mainly engaged in the work of school management, promote the recipient schools improve teaching and management level. The recipient schools to organize teachers, administrators and teachers in schools with.

year replacement of a number of recipient teachers in Tibet, Xinjiang through a range of training, special training, study with the post in a variety of ways, to participate in the education and teaching, research and management activities, writing notes, learning experience and training experience summary, improving the teaching ability.

According to the Tibet

, Xinjiang, in accordance with the existing targeted aid relationship, aid by the two sides negotiated selected plan, select specific scheme, subject demand from Tibet, the various regions of Xinjiang, the unit and the counterpart Yuanjiang Tibet provinces and the implementation of convergence.

What are the specific requirements for the selection of


(a) counterpart Yuanjiang Tibet provinces in accordance with the principle of adapting to school, teaching teachers to effectively meet the precise selection, the recipient of urgently needed the needs of teachers. In principle, from the higher education management level of the primary and middle school teachers selected Yuanjiang tibet. Send number or send the difficulty of provinces and cities, can send the new teachers, retired teachers, to take the government to purchase services to the market the way or the recipient to send teachers support the recruitment of teachers.

(two) send Yuanjiang Tibet teachers for political reliability, noble morality, dedication, service excellent, firmly implement the party's ethnic and religious policies, safeguard national unity and national unity; have a strong ability to work and sense of responsibility; down-to-earth style, not afraid of hardship, dedication, good health; school management in accordance with the above requirements, should also have good leadership skills and rich experience in school management. Each unit shall send Yuanjiang Tibet teachers from the shunt or laid off object.

counterpart Yuanjiang Tibet provinces to take the government to purchase services to send teachers to the market, must be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the government purchase of services, focus groups to send, can be directly commissioned for the community to carry out selected, or to the social institutions comply with the conditions of purchase service, appointed teachers shall comply with the provisions of the "Teachers Law" education, have the corresponding qualifications for teachers, have certain teaching ability, teacher professional is preferred.

Tibet teachers generally under the age of 45, healthy body, can adapt to the working environment of the plateau. Teachers in Xinjiang are not limited to their age. The teachers Tibet Xinjiang, sent by the unified organization for examination of provinces.

(three) Yuanjiang Tibet Tibet Xinjiang in each batch of teachers in time is generally about 1 and a half years. High altitude areas and there are special circumstances from visual aid by the two sides negotiated during the teaching, there are special circumstances need to change personnel, shall timely supplement, to ensure the continuity of teaching management. It is encouraged to extend the time of education or to stay in Tibet and stay in Xinjiang.

(four) education schools range from the county or central township to the schools with turnover dormitories. The recipient regions, units should be equipped with the necessary transportation and living facilities for the teachers in the schools. Will not arrange Tibet teachers to an altitude of 4000 meters above the school teaching.

(five) participated in training in Tibet and Xinjiang. The local teachers required good political quality, strong dedication and sense of responsibility, and had potential for training. The age is under 40 years of age.

departments concerned,

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