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original title: vice director of FBI will resign Trump to call him to retire

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, according to the US media, Mccabe, the deputy director of the FBI, will be resigned from office. Trump, the US president, once again targeted the target of McKay, saying he is "retiring in a hurry" at the time of the Andrew McCabe.

Trump wrote on twitter postscript: "the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, in order to get the full retirement of Nintaus, Nintaus has only 90 days to go in the race."

CNN (CNN), Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) and Washington Post (Washington Post) reported that the 49 year old McKay could retire in March next year, and he will be entitled to a full pension. The FBI spokesman did not respond immediately to the request for comment.

McKay is facing great pressure from Trump. Trump has been suspicious of the relationship between FBI officials and Democrats for more than a year, and even recently said that the respected institution has been fragmented.

Trump on twitter second posting pointed out that McCabe's wife, Virginia, a political figure, who received Hilllary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) to $700 thousand at that time ally, is involved in the investigation of Hilary McCabe using private email server.

FBI said that until the end of his wife Virginia Mackay than Senator Mackay began campaign, supervise the survey work of Hilary. return to the Sohu, see more


From: FBI副局长传将辞职 特朗普称其赶时间退休
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