The international high school, high school, high domestic studying, analysis of different high school most merits of America for how to avoid weaknesses?

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original title: international high school, high, domestic high school student the quality analysis of different high school in America for how to avoid weaknesses?

in recent years, with the of the application situation is more and more serious , all applicants must not only fight standardized achievement, fight GPA, fight fight extracurricular activities, instruments, but also fight the "alma mater", is different in the United States for high school background have different advantages and disadvantages in the process of.

, according to The Harvard Crimson of the Harvard University's own daily, takes Class of 2017 as an example, of which 6% of the students are only from 10 high schools. These high schools have public high schools, and there are private boarding schools. The common thing about is that these high schools themselves are a good school which is hard to enter, and their enrollment rate is very low.

can be seen from this, the American University, especially the famous school's "birth" to the students - the high school school is still very important.

analysis of

in domestic high school students applying for American universities orAlthough Chinese students studying at

in high school are very challenging in the process of applying for American universities, if can plan ahead, make full preparations and foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, will be more easily applied to top schools such as Harvard and Yale.

Compared with American high school students, especially Chinese American students,

has some advantages when applying for high school students in the United States, especially in Chinese universities. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, TOEFL and SAT and standardized test, domestic training research and examination skills to test the conjecture can be when it comes to the top of the tree, relative to the students also easy to get far more than my strength grades;

2, the school's flexible processing of students' application information;

3, curriculum content: compared with the requirements of ordinary American high school students, the difficulty of domestic courses is slightly higher, which is more easily recognized by American universities, and also has a bonus effect on applying for science.

, of course, the domestic high school also has a certain disadvantage for the application of American Universities:

In terms of

1 and Essay, the difference between American high school and domestic high school maybe different from that of mathematics and chemistry instruction. The most important difference is the importance of humanities, especially English reading and writing.

In terms of

2 and extracurricular activities, American high schools are totally out of class activities around 2:30 p.m., compared with the colorful extracurricular activities that American students take part in, the domestic students in the college entrance examination system do not have much time to arrange extracurricular activities;

3, the school's flexibility in the application of information to students, can be handled well as an advantage; but in most cases, it will be a disadvantage.

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

international high school students in the application for American universities,

, China has gradually appeared many international high schools or senior high schools' international departments. schools generally imitate American school in teaching settings and teaching modes. The choice of international high school has five advantages:

1 and high school transcripts are one of the necessary materials for studying abroad. International schools use the naviance system of American high schools to record student achievement, which is more easily accepted by American schools.

2, AP, or IB courses are a bonus, and many international high schools offer IB courses;

3, many foreign teachers engaged in international high school teaching may have some personal resources. It is possible to know some teachers in American universities or to graduate from your favorite universities. Their recommendation letters are more easily recognized and more weighted.

4, all the courses in the international high school are taught in English, making it easier for students to adapt to the living and learning environment abroad;

5, international high school curriculum and teaching arrangements are fully cooperated with American university applications, which can integrate students' writing, teamwork and research skills into common teaching contents.

enrolled students of

in high quality apply for American Universities

for these students, they don't have the pressure of college entrance examination, the SAT exam is relatively easy, the advantage of science usually have more opportunities to elective AP and IB is much higher than the ordinary makall prerequisites.

high students specific advantage is reflected in:

1, pure English environment, ready to enter the University;

2, the United States has the world's top teaching materials and rich curriculum arrangements;

2, American high school outflows enough time to make students develop more comprehensively, music, community activities, competitions, and so on, to the different needs of different children;

3, students' personal ability to improve;

5, go to the United States to read high school if you get excellent GPA school results;

6, can better prepare for the University. The process of applying for universities in the United States is long and complex. It is necessary to take exams, understand schools and specialties, and write papers.

domestic students study

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