Only one hundred meters long in Anhui is well known throughout the country and is also sung by Zhao Wei for the Spring Festival Gala

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in recent years, Anhui's possible Huobian circle of friends. Although this lane has a long history and has a history of more than 300 years, it is not so famous. Sixfeet lane is located in Anhui Tongcheng City, Tongcheng is an ancient city of the Qing Dynasty, the Tongcheng party literature today still influence.

2016, Zhao Wei to sing on the stage sixfeet lane, the lane is the well known. Sixfeet lane is two meters wide, 100 meters long, is the focus of the story behind it.

Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Ying of Tongcheng in the official, as Wen Huadian Bachelor (equivalent to Prime Minister), so the Tongcheng mansion house also known as prime minister. The neighbor Wu want to build new houses, a space occupying the middle of the two, Zhang did not agree, then wrote a letter to Beijing Zhang Ying.

a paper books for the wall, let him three feet, why not? The Great Wall wanlijin in, do not see that Qin Shihuang." Zhang Ying used the four poem back family, so the family retreat three feet, and after listening to the neighbors Wu also very moved, active back three feet, which is the possible.

now this alley is rebuilt later, the alley was paved with pebbles, as the former Prime Minister of South Lane, Lane North Wushi mansion, today has ceased to exist, the alley became tourists will travel to Tongcheng's land.

in recent years, many leaders also six feet Lane investigation, after all Chinese traditional modest comity still need to continue to carry forward the spirit of.

this lane is connected to two roads, and the locals are walking through the alley to work in a hurry, as long as they have been used to.

Zhao Wei is the people of Anhui, the Anhui scenic spots singing Gala, is also possible to do the publicity in the national media, such scenic spots worthy of promotion.

Tongcheng is rebuilding the prime minister's house and Wu Fu. For Zhang Ying is descendants, have the exact record of history, the Qing Dynasty emperor Zhang Tingyu is the second son, and there is no record of its neighbors Wu, presumably not courtiers.

There is a possible

Dongli Paul says "comity" two words, on the west side of the church is "Esther, Liufang" today, is that Esther lau.

Street opened a sixfeet Lane theme post office, next to the name of the Inn sixfeet Lane sixfeet Lane B & B, Confucious'temple and Tongcheng together to Tongcheng must see attractions. return to the Sohu, see more


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