Wear and wear the wrong stack, the only way to wear layers

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original title: fold wear = chaos wear, the only way to wear layered

who bluntly the less fashion, is that you have not learned to wear stack


Guangzhou is not so cold when you only have eyes for F style, no two words temperature, and these days the temperature fell sharply in Guangzhou, outdoor F Jun is almost always walking in the wind, I just want to put the most warm clothes are wrapped, finally come to the North children suffering you

a primer and a sweater + a coat in the most cold in Guangdong could not carry, and very cold in the north, if you add a bottoming warmth not obvious, plus a sweater and colour, then add a your coat, you can also enhance the sense of hierarchy

Icon is not afraid of cold, they just take it. Each Icon has its own collocation secret, as early as early to know, quickly followed by F under ~ you

internal short length

all-match cowboy coat how to take are nice, but this time as a hidden in a coat, the tight loose, double warm, but also long coat proportion, so that the body whole outfit with a sense of hierarchy amounting to

and grey coat fold wear denim jacket is quite Match, we

able Hale sense

with jeans and a noble camel collided, what is not out of print rub spark

plaid coat to show old fashioned by age, and a denim jacket instantly break dull shape size

coat stack leather wearing this group of collocation F Jun to personally test when the northeast, very practical, leather coat walking in the wind, warm and cold air can calm you

black leather coat and almost various colors are built, and like the camel, the senior brown colors can enhance the overall texture size

and a unique jacket for the ride, fashionable and suction eye size

pilot jacket is a very warm single product, last year is very popular this year, still can see its shadow, a coat is really warm and warm you

the same color coat a suit really advanced and not wrong, but do not manage well, not tall Duma it is a bit difficult amounting to

different color coat stack to wear a suit, coat covering suit, difficult moment we reduce

stack coat to wear all white or black suit, simple and advanced print

red suit fold wear are very out of color, can also play a role to brighten the whole dress size

black coat, black suit, below

From: 叠穿≠乱穿,这样穿才有层次感
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