The sisters should look at it, it's not just a film that's so simple.

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original title: the sisters should look at it, it is not only a thin layer of such a simple

fresh-keeping film, all household kitchens have. But do you really know the right way to open the film?

today beautiful Chiam collected some film all magical for everyone to share, it helps you praise or message can be forwarded to the circle of friends to share with more friends.

to find open

first from the opening of the fresh-keeping film, often to use fresh-keeping film can not find the opening? At this time, only one rubber band can be easily solved.


wrap the rubber band on the fresh-keeping film.


revolving around the rubber band about 10 seconds, the opening of the fresh-keeping film run out !



will need to grind food use plastic wrap with rolling pin or beverage bottles such as cylindrical objects rolling, you can easily get the powder.

the bananas bought home from the fruit store always put them in black spots or rotting for a few days. You might as well cut the root of the banana first.


and then wrap the root with a fresh-keeping film. As a result, the shelf life is greatly extended, and every day there are fresh bananas eating ~


buying flowers soon withered? You can try to use a towel wrapped after bedew water flower root.


> then wrap a layer of preservative film on the outside of the paper towel so that the flowers can be placed at home for several days under the double protection.



leakage prevention and control "

the Chinese Lunar New Year, back home to visit or when you go to travel, wash care is likely to carry over bumpy journey spilled.

is not only wasteful but also difficult to clean up. At this time, you only need to open the lid of the bottle and add a layer of plastic wrap to tighten it.


with the coup, with toiletries roller coaster will not leak!