Will it be the next king's glory? Tencent Tian Mei's annual masterpiece does not delete the file this week

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original title: will it be the next king's glory? Tencent Tian Mei's annual masterpiece does not delete

this week

's weekly hottest preview is a trailer for Dr. X to avoid players missing all the new versions and key contents at home and abroad. The main content is the online time and content introduction of the game.

Wednesday (December 27th)

QQ flying car tour limit no delete file

key: Tencent old car racing speed tour do not delete the

's "QQ flying car", created by the Tencent's Tian Mei studio, will be opened in December 27th without a censoring test. From this point of view, the QQ flight hand tour basically restored the speed experience of the end tour. Maps, patterns, vehicles, etc. are also familiar to the front end.


is particularly worth mentioning is that the sense of operation at the mobile end is not weakened by the touch screen operation. Drifting, jet and other operating feel are not very different from the end tour, I believe that the old players can find the feeling after playing a circle.

Friday (December 29th)

"sword net 3" beta

heavy plate

highlights the key: painting quality to improve the overall

started from the end of September the first test, after 3 months of testing, "sword net 3" remake will be on December 29th full open beta server. At present, the game is being tested without deleting, and the player can download the client experience directly.

"sword net 3" heavy plate by DX11 next generation engine new building, compared to the first version of the most obvious difference is to enhance the quality of the game. Both the persona and the game scene map have carried out a comprehensive painting innovation.

Thursday (December 28th)

"Appel material" warm winter test

key : the collision of animal and magic

"Appel language" is the sprout RPG game operated by the century Tiancheng. The bright spot is that it is characterized by beasts, unlocked combat systems and rich and diverse living systems. In December 28th, the Appel language is about to have a warm winter test, and this is the second test of a national suit.

this test will open 2 new roles: squirrel and sheep had the dew. The dew looks cute, shooting attack, also can call out all kinds of machinery. A powerful help fight. The sheep had the skills to be beheaded moves, also can bring out all kinds of dolls to assist in their battle.

on Friday (December 29th) "sword hero biography" beta

highlight: non flagship martial arts fight zhanzhuang numerical, even

MMO Mobile Games "action by troubled arena tour of the sword hero biography" R & D operations will officially open beta December 29th.

"sword hero biography" the battle is not no brain standing spell is the core of the numerical control, combat skills, game player through the anticipation to hide from the enemy control skills, or predict the enemy position, which precisely hit.

Saturday (December 30th)

JX 20th anniversary celebration

Xishan in 1997 released the stand-alone version of round RPG martial arts game "JX", open the domestic martial arts game era, has been twenty years. In December 30th 20th anniversary JX celebration will be officially opened at the Guangdong theatre in Zhuhai.

JX 20th anniversary celebration scene of many big game experience behind the secret God swordsman, recalling the Lakes Road, share their stories jx. More mysterious star guests are in the pageant. return to the Sohu, see more


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