Ma Yun's "word mantra": people had 5 million blood, some people took millions of annual salary!

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original title: Ma Yun's "word mantra": people had 5 million blood, some people took millions of annual salary!

- can you solve the problem in the end? You ask Ma Yun to answer the phone, and I want Ma Yun to explain it to me personally.

- Hello, I'm Ma Yun.

looks like a plot in a novel, but it takes place in real life.

Shortly before

, Ma Yun personally participated in the Alibaba's "listen to" project and became a Taobao second.

"Pro listen" is Ali CCO line (ALI group customer experience business group) launched to all members of the call, the purpose is to encourage you to listen to customer voice, pay attention to customer experience. Ma Yun supported the event and participated in the first batch. After a personal experience of customer service, Ma Yun said such a word:

"the warmth of a man - made customer service is a machine that can never be replaced."

, in recent years, with the rapid development of AI, many people worry that their careers will be completely replaced by artificial intelligence, including customer service. Ma Yun this sentence, is for all personnel engaged in the customer service of a shot in the arm: in the future, artificial intelligence can make a substantial increase in customer service performance, but the real second delivered to the customer's temperature can never be replaced.

perhaps, the service of customer service will survive for several years because of the words of Ma Yun.

said, Ma Yun said countless "words". Every word is never just talking about it. It often has a profound impact, or to the individual, or to the whole industry. Do not count the number of details, Ma Yun full of magic "a word magic".

gives birth to a million year salary

Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail" at the October 13, 2016 cloud habitat conference. It also predicted that "the era of pure electricity has passed, and the next ten years will be the era of new retail."

, in this word, makes new retail a hot word that is frequently discussed by the industry, and has also brought about a million years of salary. By opening all the recruitment websites, we can see a lot of new retail jobs: from operation to products, technology, investment, job coverage, middle and senior executives. Look at the salary, is not only attractive? The "new retail COO" has an annual salary of 100~160 million. Even the middle-level management post such as "new retail strategy director" has also issued an annual salary of 80~100 million, which is staggering.

a word to let entrepreneurs and 5 million

Every word of

Ma Yun does not always bring luck to people. The network has an article titled "special fire, a day of 5 million entrepreneurs and Catwoman, almost bankrupt, because Ma a word..."...

This article is about the general

, a female entrepreneurship lecture of Ma Yun by various monasteries, especially by Ma Yun "let the business to make money, let the business growth" this sentence playing chicken, determined to shop business in Tmall, along with Ma Yun boss. But do not think, the original degree and high quality of their own clothing, 300~500 yuan clothing lost the price advantage, sales dismal.

initial monthly loss of 250 thousand, the most painful is the female entrepreneurs in 3 years is still not profitable, and the final 5 million. She sighed in helplessness: Ma Yun often said that today is very cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after the beautiful. But he did not know that most people died tomorrow night and could not see the sun the day after.

has become a model

everyone knows, Wang Jianlin "first set a small goal to achieve, for example, I first make it one hundred million" to become a force model. In fact, before Wang Jianlin, Ma Yun also had a repentant Ali.

- what's the biggest mistake in life?

- do you want to hear the truth, the biggest mistake in my life is the creation of a Alibaba!

although a word has become a model, but Ma Yun is really regret to establish Ali. He has been emphasizing the word "responsibility" two words, because Thanksgiving, hoping to do more for the society, so he is busy like a president every day, but he doesn't have the president's substantive rights, even his life is gone. Until today, Ma Yun still felt that he had nothing, he had no time to spend, nor how important it was. "

remember Ma Yun once said, I came to the world to walk, not for work, I was to enjoy life. I want to die happily under the sun and the beach on the Caribbean coast. I think Ma Yun is really annoyed.

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Ma Yun is absolutely a legendary figure in China. But the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Every word from his mouth has a heavy weight, or it affects a group of people, or it affects an industry.

maybe, this is the magic of Ma Yun. From: 马云的“一句话魔咒”:有人为此血亏500万,也有人拿上百万年薪!
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