Why can 160cm's Dongyu Zhou, wear clothes so nice?

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original title: why do 160cm's Dongyu Zhou, dress so good?

fashion road to hang

now how Dongyu Zhou looks good-looking


this two years, entertainment has many super inspirational fashion change character, to a lot of fashion sense is not so keen girls great encouragement, let more people learn to believe that dress really can make the soil become confident fashionable girl.

and I think one of the most successful female stars, that must be Dongyu Zhou.

was a fashionable dress of black hole, a big pile of history, who were all those old-fashioned aura up to flood.

and this year to suddenly break through the two big puleses like clothing, Cengceng rub up, how to wear very good-looking, became a walking hanger.

this year's fashion performance is even more attention, so

said major fashion magazine covers often boarded

one meter six she won so many big long legs, why? Of course, the leaping clothing and carrying capacity are ~

handsome fashion sports wind

is not tall, thin, plus a pure face, if want to go Cougar or sexy, but uncomfortable, so now the winter uncle accurately positioning, go from the neutral wind, often a handsome face.

baseball suit jacket, T-shirt, sports pants and sports shoes, is a recent collocation way that she often wears and doesn't make mistakes. It matches pretty short hair nowadays. It's pretty smart.

the same routine for a bit more relaxed feeling of white trousers so

Hoodie. This item will also play a same color suit Hin significantly higher, while on a pair of boots let the wind movement a little more cool feeling.

it is cold and collocate directly with the winter coat, and it is fashionable and warm.

velvet suit coat collocation Hoodie and red T-shirt, wearing a nine foot thick black holes in jeans, with boots, this body is to wear stack doing really well.

polo shirt sweater, piled shirt, rich sense of hierarchy, then take nine jeans, don't look boring.

and when you want to add a lost woman in the matching of neutral wind, you only need to change a pair of high-heeled shoes to make it look cute.

small man can not control long coat? Not exist < /

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