What are the people around the world eating on Christmas day? The Japanese are actually KFC and drunk...

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original title: Christmas day people all over the world to eat what? Japanese is actually KFC is drunk......

said the Christmas turkey seems to be the classic delicacy. But in fact, in many countries in the world, the day is not all to eat turkey. Germans eat special bread, eat fish, eat seafood in Italy, Fiji, and Japanese is actually eat KFC? Take a look at the Christmas day, people around the world are in the end what to eat?


on this day to eat a popular German stollen, with a man named Gluehwein Wine.


many Bulgarian people fasting before Christmas, so they eat vegetables, soup and cake at Christmas.


Fiji locals will buried on Christmas day with banana leaves with fish, pickled pork roast chicken in the ground, a bit like the beggar's chicken Chinese practices.


the traditional cookbook of the British on Christmas Day is a course called fig pudding.


Italians are going to make a "seven fish dinner" on Christmas day with different seafood.

, France

French people also eat seafood, usually lobster oysters and so on.


Swedes will eat rice pudding on Christmas day, and they will put an almond in the middle of them. It is said that those who eat almond will have good luck in the next year.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican people eat a kind of food similar to pork dumplings on Christmas day. The recipes of each family are usually handed down for generations. They all have their own unique taste.


local people will eat a food called "DORO wat" at Christmas, like chicken stew roll hand cake.

South Africa

during the Christmas season, South Africa was in the summer, so the local people would eat roast meat.


Australia's Christmas is also summer, and barbecue, Turkey, and seafood meals are all the same.


Garner will eat a corn porridge, soup, rice, okra or yam plantain mixed food on Christmas day, called "fufu".


most people in Antarctica are dressed in Christmas, so canned and frozen vegetables are what they eat.


Egyptians began to eat vegetarian on the 3 day before Christmas. During that time, the main staple foods were Kushari, macaroni, rice and lentils, with tomato vinegar sauce on them.


Christians in India eat traditional India dishes or curry dishes to celebrate the festival. After meals, they often eat kheer, a sweet milk pudding.


at midnight on Christmas Eve, Christians in Philippines were wantonly eating roasted suckling pigs and cheese.


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