The coldest days besides making snow village we can also take pictures of birds

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original title: the coldest days besides making snow village we can shoot the bird

A few days ago

received a shot Xue Xiang's invitation, but in Liaoning last year and 25 degrees below zero night figure ha La Cun left me a deep and unforgettable impression. Because of fears of gas poisoning, the villagers stopped early for Kang, before I go to bed with a piece of clothes is not off, and built a two bed quilt, still trembling to the dawn.

In fact, in addition to take

severe winter snow village there is a choice, it is to shoot birds. Very cold winter, all lonely, eating birds can only appear at the edge of the water, and the leaves have fallen out of reed, dry, all kinds of birds can easily find it easy to shoot.

There is a saying in the

All the world knows. photography circle: "photography pit three generation drug ruined life." The central meaning of this sentence is nothing more than the state of the photographer's energy and money. Once by photographing to take the bird, the ultimate version of that is possessed by the devil, basically hopeless.

crazy bird shot to take the bird, can drive the tracking for Prado birds of their hands, there is a circle of people shooting birds calendar, a day of shooting a bird somewhere, no mistake. The more popular version of the enthusiast is to carry the artillery and travel around the world. In Africa, a flamingo flying in Africa, the light rent helicopter will be RMB about 200000.

in the winter and some friends in order to make a good Sichuan Tibet a Snowcock, one day in advance ambush in the snow, waiting for the sunrise snow, due to climb on the ground and snow in the same horizontal line, the probability of being found snow is also low, so a natural rate is high. Although in the snow freezing night, but after the film got happy leapt into the air. Why? Because some people have been frozen for a week.

shot bird madness is the ordinary people can understand. In order to catch some rare bird breeding in spring, some even rent a forklift truck to find a suitable location. Some people found that a few birds were able to build three storeys in the vicinity, so that they could be photographed in the future. But the word of mouth, the building became a small bird bird and shoot lodging industry making money.

took the bird in money input is ordinary people can not understand and bear, a few million is a beggar edition version is no limit the nouveau riche, allowing you to imagine, it is not hard to find millions of.

also ranked bird at the time of the investment is the ordinary people can understand. More time for the bird is to wait on the road and on the point. Select the place, a good machine, the rest is waiting, you light a cigarette and the sea far apart from each other. As soon as the bird came, it only heard a gust of gust of the shutter. Someone specially calculates that the cost of a shutter is five angles. But compared to travel and purchase, there are

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