The editorial department likes to use a lot of things. It's much better than Mr. Xu's writing!

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original title: editors love to use a large point! It's much better than Mr. Xu's writing!

fairies are good at night, I'm first wish you holy! Christmas! Fast! Happy!

our company's Christmas dress this year can be said to be extra diligently

feeling all soon catch up with the new year's

today the whole company is playing games from morning to night, all kinds of photos

> all unintentional work

even Mr Xu is as crazy as a 3 year old child.

so today's article is I to the ghost

> today other than

through Christmas exchange gifts.

I mean to see my group of colleagues

don't expect normal human model colleagues

> in private, they like these things

sexy pajamas.

also send contraceptive

under my questioning

they contributed their own shopping cart

look at their predecessors,

what is not well known little secret!

"that the editors enjoy Tucao hair

year love object ","

, live with food and clothing have everything!

you look at the hands of

anti acne and inhibit facial greasy. you

containing the vitamin A, E can improve the facial skin rough and delicate matter .

and vitamin From: 编辑部爱用物大盘点!比徐老师写的好看多了!
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