In this town beautiful rime Island, more than 90% of people do not know, look for oz fam......

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original title: Northeast of the town beautiful rime Island, more than 90% of people do not know, look for oz fam......


life is precious. It's not a splendid tourist attraction that we've been to. It's a journey of loneliness and boredom. Anthony

you only heard the rime island

does not know that the Northeast has a better than the rime island also poetry

it is far from the road and traffic is inconvenient

to tramp over mountains and through ravines to see

stands on the land

you will feel really worth

the moment snow carving in Yushu, Qionghua

says nothing over

Today we

to explore the hidden secrets of

opens the gate of the fairyland

Chinese -

Kuerbin first rime Village

fam Oz, people looking for

by:Carrie Koo

Kuerbin rime is a small Xingan mountain winter wonderland, a 4 month long rime, attracted a large number of photography enthusiasts.

by: ice Qin Xuan

the storm caused by the cold current in Siberia, the climate here is cold. Snow covered ice and snow in the world even more mysterious, witty, distinguished air of elegance and coquetry. Kuerbin comparable to Jilin rime rime.

by:Carrie Koo

by: ice Qin Xuan


of both sides of the river every morning are covered with rime, East Cliff as sharp as a knife stand, the river rocky coast volcano rock strewn at random, with silver snow, like the child in the hands of cotton candy, people can not bear to touch, but also makes a number of photographers in the "bow".

by:Carrie Koo

when snow fluttering of the season, the entire scenic area into the crystal world, climb looked into the tree groves of coral, jade is really cison, rocks with silver mountain, flash, crystal flowers.

by:Carrie Koo

mist, like


by:Carrie Koo

The power station every

Kuerbin hydropower reservoir will release zero degrees Celsius above the water, the water does not freeze, forming a thick fog, and cold fusion confrontation, they formed a spectacular like fairy tale world rime wonders.

by:Carrie Koo

The winter of

, where the temperature at minus thirty degrees Celsius, the water does not freeze, shore a breathtaking spectacle of rime. The formation of thin fog is a wonderful masterpiece of nature.

by:Carrie Koo

in addition to the shore formed a piece of rime wonders, the river water in the condensation, often forming a fog scene. The dense fog frost flower hanging from afar, the scenery vaguely blurred, as if by magic, secret and unique.

by:Carrie Koo

by:Carrie Koo

this beautiful wonderland may only appear in the dream, but also the dreamer is very imaginative. Don't you want to get a glimpse of it?