What should I do when the luggage is lost? Some people claim $3500, someone can only confess their own bad luck!

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original title: what to do when the luggage is lost? Some people claim $3500, someone can only confess their own bad luck!


by plane

most Zaoxin thing is what?

is the man arrived, the luggage didn't get to the

encountered luggage late, damaged or lost

if the processing is correct

you may be compensated as high as $3500

first, you have to know that the airline's liability for the passengers' baggage is with a limit. That is to say, if you check in a very valuable jewelry in the suitcase, the airline lost my luggage is unable to pay for it.

the United States Department of transport has clearly defined the liability of the airline when the baggage is lost in all American flights. For the airline in the United States, the airline is responsible for the loss of passengers' baggage, and the maximum amount of compensation is of 3500 per person. For international flights, the compensation limit for baggage loss is based on international agreements. The most widely used agreement is the Montreal agreement. The amount of compensation is 1675 $ per person.

then, what kind of process should we carry out when the luggage is delayed, damaged or lost, in order to minimize the loss and get the payment?

what items can be compensated for?

got off the plane, prepared to open the holiday mode with expectation, but found that the carefully packed luggage did not appear on the turntable. The good mood is going to crash, but the little editor tells you that it doesn't need to be too panicky. The airline has an obligation to reimburse passengers for the necessary cost of luggage.

although every airline's expense reimbursement for baggage delay is different in details, but generally speaking, it can be summed up as two points -- is reasonable , and has a record.

record is that when you find that luggage doesn't arrive at your destination with you, you must first go to the baggage office at the baggage claim area, and fill out a registration form for luggage delays. There will be a file number on this registration form, which will be an important document for you to obtain expense reimbursement and even claim compensation. Some airlines (such as Alaska Airlines) also specifically require you to fill out the relevant forms within 24 hours after the flight arrives, report the delay of the luggage, or you will not make any compensation.

after getting this baggage delay report, you can ask the staff which items can be reimbursed for reimbursement. Usually, the airline will pay for you as long as it is a reasonable daily cost. These articles usually include: Daily toiletries, clothes, child car seat, even the hairdryer, hair clip is also included. In a word, the standard of judgment is " daily " and " reasonable ". Please keep the receipt of the items you want to buy before the luggage is delivered.

what is the process to get indemnity?

each airline has a slightly different payment process for the delay and loss of luggage. For example, American Airlines and United Airlines (American Airlines) (United Airlines) asked the passengers before leaving the airport baggage service in the office for registration, then the expense is required by mail within 45 days, will buy goods receipt together with an online download declaration form sent to the relevant departments of acceptance.

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