Easy to raise Yang Yin: how to achieve the first platform for all people's health and mutual assistance from all the people

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original title: easy to raise Yang Yin: how to make the first platform

from the whole people to achieve the whole people's health

from the beginning just to cut the market all the chips, now raised the business focus to the more serious illness relief, and extends to mutual aid, insurance and public sector, easily raise founder Yang Yin said, in the process of the business expansion and adjustment, easily raise increasingly clear in their own development objective -- from prevention to build after the rescue, to raise the public, mutual aid, insurance and public security system four, a national health care platform.

2014, with the rise of the mobile Internet, to imitate the form of the US crowd raising platform Kickstarter, the domestic crowd raising websites sprang up. In September, it was easy to set up, and Yang Yin joined as an angel investor shortly afterwards.

, "on project selection, we have no tendency at first." Yang Yin recalled that the first easy platform to raise a variety of projects, such as intelligent hardware, agricultural products, film and other different types of projects to raise the public, wait until mid 2015, made a "save the programmer" serious illness relief projects, such rescue project is much to bring the user growth platform is explosive.

the crowd raising industry soon cooled down after the initial heat, and some intelligent and hardware based crowd raising websites went bankrupt. In the process of making serious illness and rescuing the public, we found that this mode can be widely spread by the circle of friends, and achieve good results of crowd raising.

but easy to use as a platform, the responsibility and pressure to examine the authenticity of itself is also increasing. From manual review to recruiting volunteers, Yang Yin said the easy thing to do is to try to reduce cost efficiency through technology. In 2017, Ai Ai audit system based on artificial intelligence was launched easily, speeding up the audit speed in the way of human-machine cooperation, making the cost of project audit averaging 200 yuan to 60 yuan.

but serious illness relief in the final or grants, some social circle is not wide for help, a lot of time to achieve the desired effect to raise the public. In April 2016, a relaxed mutual aid business was launched easily. It aims to provide a solution that can respond quickly when a serious illness occurs, so that the first time of the treatment guarantee can be delivered, so that patients and family members can not worry about the cost of treatment. At the end of 2016, the Ministry of social responsibility was set up easily, aiming to solve the urgent humanitarian needs of the sick and needy families, and to link up with the government and public organizations.

at the end of 2017, has more than 20 million members relaxed mutual health system, easy assistance plan covers not only the children's illness, serious illness in youth mutual cooperation, mutual aid and other serious illness in elderly people of all ages, a total of more than 286 members help illness, issued more than 69 million 620 thousand mutual funds. There are also specialized enterprises to make customized enterprise mutual assistance services. In order to meet the diversity of the needs of the members, easy mutual assistance also provides health services such as medical green channels, online inquiry, health business city and other health products.

"the donor is committed to a targeted assistance, which is a big difference between mutual assistance and insurance." Yang Yin explained that the initial form of insurance is actually mutual aid, but mutual aid does not completely replace commercial insurance.

2016 in August, achieved easily raise the insurance brokerage license, and subsequently launched the health insurance products to protect the card easily e Paul, in the form of different dimensions of health and accident risk included in the scope of protection, to provide customers with the same level of protection.

2017 July, easily raise the independent development of "sunshine chain" on the line, and together the 6 Foundation jointly launched the "sunshine Welfare League chain", based on the characteristics of the block chain can not be tampered with, do raise transparency and full traceability. This is the first real application of the block chain in the public sector, and it is easy to open up the underlying block chain technology to more public welfare organizations.

after more than 3 years of development and transformation, as of now, the registered users who have been easily registered have more than 180 million people. There are more than 2 million fund raising projects, supporting more than 430 million times, and it has become the leading industry in the whole country.

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