The United Arab Emirates has no sign of China and comes into the world of tyrants in a second.

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original title: the United Arab Emirates free of sign China, a second into the world of tyrants!


12 19, the United Arab Emirates of China and Arabia jointly revised the memorandum of understanding on mutual visa exemption from diplomatic passports by the United Arab Emirates.

this revision comes into effect from January 16th 2018

since the United Arab Emirates had already been to

China's ordinary passport holders open the non signed

this revision means

the United Arab Emirates will be eleventh


passport visa with Chinese country


that is,

now you just need to buy a ticket,

you can take a trip to the home of the tyrant country!

including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah

6 Umm Guy Van and Ajman Emirates


The Prince of Arabia, who meets the rich, Yan,

add a monthly income of 470 thousand beggars group

pick up the luxury car everywhere...

> is no longer just a dream!

The division line of the

tyrant world

tourist destination of the United Arab Emirates

in this good at creating the world record in the country, it is the world's first landmark tower, 828 meters high, you take the sightseeing elevator is one of the world's fastest, a just 60 seconds. On the 124 - story view platform, has a bird's eye view of the whole Dubai view, which can be a spectacular view of the The Palm islands and Lugger Hotel.


denta at sunset, at this time a day and night can see two different styles of Dubai. You can feel the sky, sunset, night night and day beauty.


Global seven star hotel -- Lugger Hotel


this unique sail shaped hotel is a landmark in Dubai, is a seven star hotel, extravagance, each suite have a panoramic view of the Gulf of Arabia.

Persian Gulf's tender - Zhu Mei La public beach

public beach is located in Lugger Hotel, sandy soft white, in front of the Persian Gulf blue waters, backed by a row of luxury hotels. In addition to the hotel's private beach, it is the only place in Dubai to wear a swimsuit publicly, and it is also a wonderful place to enjoy and shoot the Lugger Hotel.

here we can see that most people rest on the beach, there are many bikini beauties and blonde handsome guys. Some sit on the beach, enjoy the sea scenery, some lie on the beach and bask in the sun, all of them are leisurely and intoxicated, as if they are immersed in the romance of the beach and the tenderness of the sea.

From: 阿联酋对中国免签啦,一秒走进土豪的世界!
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