Music suppliers don't receive Jia Yueting's Christmas blessings

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original title: Music vendors don't receive Jia Yueting's Christmas greetings

nearly a year, as the Holding Group founder Jia Yueting micro-blog in the drying out of Christmas, but he owed suppliers can't go on a holiday. Beijing Times Dun unsuccessful, some suppliers are struggling, and even some have gone bankrupt.

On 25

12, Jia Yueting sent a Christmas blessing to employees of Faraday's future (called "FF") at micro-blog "Merry Christmas all FFer!".


but on the other end of blessings and smiles, it is the helplessness and sigh of the music holding and the mobile suppliers. 8 times have Beijing Dun Lao Hong (a pseudonym) said in an interview with reporters at the first financial, LETV and their arrears of no progress, will be before the Spring Festival to Beijing music collection, hope "for humanitarian considerations" repay part of the debt, "because I have small companies could not survive, we the group has at least 3 companies have gone bankrupt. There are a lot of difficulties, and the comparison of the arrears is not a small number. "

from the second half of 2016 as the crisis after the outbreak, the group from Zhejiang, Hainan, Sichuan and other parts of the country as the mobile vendors repeatedly Beijing debt. In July this year as the general meeting of shareholders, suppliers are also holding a "debt LETV music as" slogan collection. At the scene of incomplete statistics, LETV also owe these suppliers about 33 million yuan payment.

no avail debt difficult


9 months, Jia Yueting, who claimed "due diligence", reached an agreement with the suppliers and finally agreed to evacuate the music building. At that time, Lao Hong said to the first financial reporter, "this is a solution to the collective and timeliness of the more than 20 suppliers, but not now." Lao Hong said that the repayment plan has a certain time window, to the next year (2018), "because the music does not have money now."

music also owes to about 3000000 of the debts owed by Chengdu supplier Lao Zhang (a pseudonym). On the 26 day when he accepted the first financial interview, Lao Zhang said the repayment agreement was "scrap paper, zero." he thought the agreement was to deceive them from the music, "we were fooled."

pointed out that the debt of music is very influential to its company. "This money can't be collected. We have to pay a lot of suppliers' money, which involves too much." He did not want to mention more music, "because that's the case. You're not in a hurry. It's better to take some time to do something else. "

As for the

at the time of Jia Yueting's money come from, Lao Hong on the first financial disclosure, "external strategic partners and non LETV Lao Jia reached a cooperation agreement with other companies, their investment stake in cash to help LETV mobile business debt to repay part of electric power construction." But he did not disclose a specific repayment agreement.

At present,

still owes about 1600000 to old Hong, more than 10% of its annual turnover. He said, compared with many suppliers, their situation is not the worst, "because of the large suppliers have not received the money when the proper supply interruption, but the music was still looking for other stride forward singing militant songs, small company. They only have a verbal agreement, were not even contract advances to do activities."

however, he said, are still willing to believe that Jia Yueting was able to raise money, finally solve the debt problem, "now it's (Le Shi) death is normal, I would prefer it (Le Shi) will come good,".

, even if he signed a contract, would not be able to perform it. A supplier who owed 500 thousand of his money to the first financial reporter said he was still trying to borrow money to deal with his suppliers. "We also need to live outside to borrow money. We borrow some of them, they borrow some of them, together to pass through the difficulties, and pay a part of the wages of the workers. "

in the Christmas blessing Jia Yueting on the same day, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a notice to Jia Yueting on December 31, 2017 before returning home, earnestly implement the actual control of the company's obligation, cooperate to solve the company issues, and properly handle the company's risks, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

said, recently, the listed company LETV LETV and related department of the company operating difficulties, as Jia Yueting LETV and former chairman of the actual control, interest free loans of listed companies did not fulfill the commitment to provide much-needed funds in the company, the Beijing securities regulatory bureau has violated the commitment to the issue "on the behavior of Jia Yueting Jia Yueting ordered to take corrective administration" the decision of regulatory measures, as of now Jia Yueting has yet to fulfill commitments and not to the Beijing securities regulatory bureau to submit rectification report.

however, the indebted suppliers interviewed first financial reporters that Jia Yueting would not return home. "More than 90% of Jia Yueting may not return home," old Hong said. If old Jia can return to Beijing is a good thing, we are sure to be in the past.

12 13 afternoon, LETV announced that the national court executed display information inquiry system, Jia Yueting has four times to be included in the debtor list. Recently, Jia Yueting was listed by the third intermediate people's Court of Beijing. The obligations determined by Jia Yueting's failure to fulfil the effective legal instruments include,

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