Nuozha Victoria Song Guan Xiaotong... The secret of the hot search is it! This first aid artifact, which uses the skin to shine!

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original title: nuozha Victoria Song Guan Xiaotong... The secret of the hot search is it! This first aid artifact, which uses the skin to shine!

don't know everyone's attention, now the star circle has a big weird thing,

female stars hard in front of the camera Yanguangsishe, perfect but lost a inadvertently exposed makeup.

as long as the beauty is beautiful, hot search is a minute thing!

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Victoria Song's plain face can be pretty good. After the makeup, the skin is still white and bright, and there is no black eye and other blemishes. It feels much younger than that after makeup.

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Gianna Jun is South Korea accepted the goddess makeup ~ no special features stunning, but make people feel very comfortable, temperament type of beauty should be the kind of ~


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Emmm have to say, 97 years Guan Xiaotong still has the advantage of age wow. Although the black eye and pouch problem still exists, but can feel the makeup with youthful vigor, capture small meat Luhan's heart is not in the words ~ (please the fans come with you ~ ~ small)

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was just burst out and update the love goddess makeup Wang Likun, nobody should be on her makeup is not convinced it ~ not only skin white and tender, and the face is also very good, with her delicate features, makeup makeup are so beautiful, the state is more beautiful bubble ~

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about Xinjiang beautiful nuozha, but for her small Yan value kneel but live, she had the female makeup Oh ~ postcard if the foundation is not good, did not dare to live up remover ~

gentlemen, to see so many women with no makeup, not jealous? Who is the most perfect pigment in your heart? There's a discussion in the comment!

why female stars like eating as long age preservatives, long lines, and then look in the mirror, his strong under the makeup makeup, not a touch of sadness arise spontaneously ~

I looked at the little sisters, work and life in the double squeeze, more and more dry skin wrinkle relaxation, stain and acne aggravating, or shine, large pores, blackhead looming, dull face, complexion, fine lines, wrinkles more and more obvious --- real good distressed you!

this is Xiaobian I speak broken heart, today is to bring you a no injection "super beauty needle" Aifei Cheryl Shuiguang pin , an equivalent of 100 25ml mask, gently touch the skin can survive!

Emmm is no exaggeration, according to the current pro test effect, sooner or later adhere to Tu Tu, to 50 years old, I think my skin is still tender.

Japanese patent technology

Star tender skin deity




Aifei Cheryl Shuiguang

coated type needle

From: 娜扎宋茜关晓彤…霸占热搜的秘诀原来是它!这款急救神器,好用到皮肤会发光!
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