Every time I want to ask, is it bad to make a good chicken?

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as one of the giants, fast food industry in recent years, but a lot of people come up with Kentucky fantastic around this, recently took advantage of the end of the year, unwilling to remain out of the limelight white beard grandfather also launched a new peripheral products, there are specialized to eat fried chicken "Internet escape tent"?!

under the shelters of Kentucky old grandpa

the use of this tent is also very wonderful. It is said to be able to isolate communication signals, so that we can lay down cell phones and concentrate on chicken in tents.

netizens who like to do things say they quit. They have Tucao up the expensive tent (5000 dollars, who will buy): how do they eat chicken without Internet?

you such white beard old grandpa will be angry.

in addition to this is purely to funny chicken outside the tent in the KFC grandpa opened the shop KFC Ltd. also launched a sweater, packing paper, fried chicken pillow, cup, and wallet! I think there should be no one to buy it, but Zhou Xiaohui also found a buyer show on INS. How many kinds of single products are still in fashion?

the white beard grandpa and the fried chicken wrapping paper with a Christmas cap, they also have holiday atmosphere. They feel the gift delicious and delicious.

and the $20 wallet that has been sold out on the official website. Although no what special use, but it looks really cool ~ is absolutely necessary trendsetter!

even simple PIN, like this, not in the hat and cowboy pocket, and very special.

two new T-shirt design is also very clever, will own the "its finger lickin'good slogan" on the T-shirt, its meaning is "; or will lead a person to endless aftertastes" fried chicken elements artfully placed in a pocket design, but also surprisingly good.

let alone out before the words "FRIED CHICKEN USA" yellow sweater, it all-match.

this mug name though a little greasy "MORNING GRAVY", but with the background of KFC, but also could not help but make people smile.

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