Haier is 33 years old, and Zhang Ruimin gets 12 billion "red packets" on Tmall.

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original title: Haier is 33 years old, Zhang Ruimin relies on Tmall to harvest 12 billion "red packet"

production of what users say, users participate in customized products over 50%, which is the secret behind Haier's Tmall's annual turnover of 12 billion.


and He Hongying

12 26, is doomed to be the big day of Haier.

In the previous night, Haier broke through 12 billion yuan in Tmall's annual turnover, creating a new record in the Haier Internet process.

more skillfully, this day is also Haier's 33 birthday. Since the founding of 1984, to a single channel to break through a hundred billion, this hundred billion gifts have just come well.

On 26

12, Li Huagang, vice president of Haier group, met with the president of Tmall electric beauty family business group to meet

"where the user wants to go, where we go." Today, Haier group vice president, general manager of China District Li Huagang leads personally tour to the Alibaba including Haier Industrial Park, seven (refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, water heater, electric kitchen, TV, freezer) National Sales Manager, Haier also has a group of Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO guo.

they came to the end of the year with the head of Tmall and the head of the industry group, and the head of the industry. This is obviously not a dinner. It is understood that, in addition to witnessing the birth of a hundred billion, it is more important for both sides to plan together for the next year.


1985, when Zhang Ruimin took over Haier, he launched the prelude of Haier branding with the 76 fridge events that swept the country. Then he took Haier out of the country to become the global white power giant. According to Haier's latest three quarterly report, the company has achieved a high growth rate of 119 billion 200 million yuan.

"no successful enterprise, only the enterprise of the times." Zhang Ruimin, the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive of the Haier group, brought up his words many times. Looking back on Haier's 33 years of growth, the most notable is to create a "man alone" model and make the Internet transition. Since 2009, Tmall settled in 8 years, Haier leapfrog growth, 6 consecutive years of double Tmall 11 large electric champion.

's hand over 100 billion transcripts is also one of the epitome of the era of self transformation of Haier under the Internet wave.

does not touch the net and dies

"don't touch the net, die!" In 2000, Zhang Ruimin issued a warning that he even reminded the manufacturing sector that profits would be as thin as a blade.


2005, when Zhang Ruimin first proposed the "man - one - one" model, the whole industry was one of the shocks. As he said, he used the Internet to open a new hole in Haier. Since then, the white electricity giant has entered a difficult period of transformation of the Internet era. And embrace the development of e-commerce, it should be an important station in the transformation of the Haier Internet.

back in 2009, e-commerce is rising in the country, but for the bulky, hard distribution of large household appliances, there are few other attempts. At this time, Haier entered Tmall, and became an early batch of test water in the household appliance industry.

Haier Tmall flagship store


" in the past two years, Haier has accelerated in Tmall, and is more comprehensive and deeper, and it takes Tmall as the main position of a brand operation. " Tmall beauty operation expert high Ji change (nickname: flat Beijing) with deep feeling, in the same year, the two sides with more closely, but the focus is not just sellers, is around the consumption upgrade, upgrade the realization of goods, leading new products with new technology, and ultimately contributed to the scale of 100 billion.

The most obvious

is Haier's high-end brand, casaba.

Haier casaba series

in March this year, the AWE scene, Haier carried the flag under the six major brands: Haier, the United States GEA, New Zealand fike snow Parker, Japanese AQUA, casaba, the commander in chief. Of which, casaba has been a great hope for Haier. Since the establishment of the brand in 2006, Haier hopes to pry open the high-end market.

After 10 years of the sinking of the

channel, casabe finally landed Tmall in an all-round way and opened the Tmall flagship store in March this year. In the three quarter, the store became casarte online goods most of the shops, the cumulative sales exceeded 60 million, double 11 day a price of over a million sales of refrigerators reached ten million, is not only to the sellers, Haier mining is a new Tmall high-end consumer demand.

A similar story in

extends from the store dimension to the exploits.

, under the trend of consumption upgrading, Tmall helps Haier understand the potential needs of users, promote product development and the development of the back end supply chain through big data. The Haier group CEO Guo has to tell "the world business" in this way.

in the last year, with Tmall big data analysis, Haier 5 million and Tmall fans new demands, create a 10KG capacity washing machine, a classic case of explosion, this year, the new direct drive black technology washing machine has also been copied into explosion models, driven by the entire industry upgrading of goods.

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