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original title: flu coming! A number of students in a primary school in Guangzhou have a cold, and more than 150 people shut down for 3 days.

the past two days, Guangzhou City, Tianhe District primary school students suspected Ascot flu, the school has 4 classes of more than 150 students today (December 27th) afternoon emergency suspension.

Tianhe District Center for disease control said that the prevalence of students is much faster. This is a serious case this year. It can be initially identified as influenza. The specific results will be released tomorrow (28 th). The CDC indicates the high incidence of influenza in the spring and winter season in Guangzhou, which needs to be prevented and treated. Parents need to pay attention to the parents.

the Ascot primary school: nearly 20 people , one of the largest class of cold

since Monday, Tianhe District Ascot primary school large-scale flu like symptoms. The teacher taught at Ascot primary school Liu told reporters in Nandu, the two day after another there are some students in the first grade class 5 cold, which up to nearly 20. She said that the sick students had fever, cough and other cold symptoms. Some of the students had some other symptoms. "Maybe everyone's physique varies from person to person, some of them are mentally ill, vomiting and so on."

District CDC: a more serious case in this year,

12 27 in the morning, Tianhe District CDC and community hospitals sampled to Ascot primary school. Told reporters in Nandu, Tianhe District centers for Disease Control Kuang Chi, from the fast, wide infection, can be initially identified as influenza, but the specific need to wait until the inspection report was released tomorrow. He said that preliminary estimates, Ascot, a total of more than 50 students in primary school, is a serious case in Tianhe District this year.

: closed class after the new year to resume

after the incident, Ascot primary school filing to the Tianhe District Bureau of education, the CDC recommends, the epidemic class closed for 3 days. In the afternoon of December 27th, a total of 4 classes and more than 150 students were shut down. Ascot primary school vice president Chen Xiaofeng told reporters in Nandu, January 2nd, the new year's holiday after the students will get back on time. As for other classes that did not stop, she said, there were also a few sick children to ask for leave, "not to the CDC required to stop the class."


Tianhe District CDC: a preliminary identification of influenza

Nandu: what is the difference between primary disease in children with Ascot common cold?

Kuang Zhiming, chief of CDC disease control section of Tianhe District, : influenza and common cold are respiratory diseases. They are caused by different viruses. Influenza is caused by influenza virus. Influenza has three major types, a, B, C, and can also be divided into A, B and C. Generally, the symptoms of the flu are slightly heavier. Now, based on epidemiological investigation, such a short term outbreak is basically diagnosed as influenza. We can't confirm it until the test results come out tomorrow.

Nandu: what are the consequences if you don't stop?

Kuang Zhiming: there are many children in school. If the sick child is not isolated, it will cause a lot of student morbidity in a short time. Therefore, we recommend that it stop classes. If not so much, let the students go home for treatment, isolation, and wait until the symptoms disappear and then go to school.

Nandu: how do you treat the flu?

Kuang Zhiming: influenza is a high incidence. It is generally caused by influenza virus. The treatment is symptomatic treatment, and it can use anti influenza drugs. For example, fever, fever and antipyretic. This is a self limiting disease, most people can do well in a week, some people can be good for 3 or 4 days.

Nandu: a sick child is a child. What do parents need to pay attention to? What do you need to pay attention to?

Kuang Chi Ming: usually has children at home, take him to the doctor as soon as possible, and pay attention to ventilation in his own home, so as to let the children do not go out. If you have to go out, you'd better wear a mask and don't spit anywhere to avoid contamination of the virus into public places and pass it to others.

eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, a reasonable and balanced diet, do not eat too much fried hot stuff. Like the Cantonese call "hot air" cold, because many are "hot", if you continue to eat fried hot things, will aggravate the symptoms.

Nandu: what are the seasonal and transmission patterns of influenza?

Kuang Chi Ming: influenza is transmitted mainly through air droplets, but some are also transmitted through contact, such as the patient's secretions. Winter and spring is a high season, at this time the temperature is low.

Nandu: how to prevent the flu?

Kuang Zhiming: first is a balanced diet, usually exercise, pay attention to work and rest. Two is to keep the indoor clean, ventilated and keep the air fresh, three is not to contact the cold and fever patients. You can also drink some Isatis to prevent it.

and the advice of the old

From: 流感来袭!广州一小学多名学生感冒,150多人紧急停课3天!
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