"Boys want to be poor, girls want to be rich"... Girl, do you really want to be rich?

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boys want to keep the poor girl to eutrophication, which is a popular energy-saving, mom and dad afraid his daughter was easily "cheated", but the girl, really want to eutrophication? Look at what this parent does.

junior high school daughter's birthday, friends regardless of his wife's opposition, bought a two thousand yuan bag as a daughter's birthday gift.

he said: daughter is to eutrophication, or after being just a man was cheated to spread the goods, grew up to marry a real car man, or how the future life?


15 year old girl, two thousand yuan bag, seemed a little unbelievable to my unmarried young man.

remember when I was in junior high school, I especially liked my grey bag. It took three years and the bottom of my bag was bad.

every weekend I have to take the needle sewing, not really can not afford to buy a home, it is love, could not bear to throw.

today's common needlework is hard to fail me.

I do not deliberately create differences to make a moral contrast.

actually, I'm not so surprised by my father's two thousand - piece bag of junior high school daughters, because it's not the first time I've seen such a scene.

, who had never left the south in the past, came to Beijing to go to university. I found it difficult to find a family member in my school.

two people have a wonderful sense of dialogues in Beijing.

What's the new

material, ran out identification photo, she held me together.

boy is full of longing for the new world, not how much pleasure from the great. However, she was satisfied with her beauty and stole the joy of her heart.

as Jacklyn Wu said to Ge You in the movie, "the chicken soup is in front of you, open it!"

yes, at the right time, if it could not take it out of my!

was second months after school, and her birthday came.

I prepared a book, Bai Yansong's "pain and joy".

On the

table, she was sitting around a strange, middle-aged man, her father.

her father was very polite, and I was nervous: is this rhythm a bit fast?

I sent out that birthday present.

his father gave her a key: "you are an adult, bought a car for you, your mother is too expensive, my daughter, you have to be rich!"

I remember, his father at that one of my eyes, piercing pain.

returned to his dorm and lay on the bed, and the diaphragm could not go down on my chest.

didn't know if it was a lovelorn.

boys need to be poor, and girls have to be rich.

this is an old saying, often a story of a girl's family.

has also become the theoretical basis for the use of material to fill her daughter's growth experience.

education way thousands of people will not, according to what the "eutrophic daughter, that is absolutely not wrong, not nutrient rich, will be a big trouble."

has a female colleague who told me a story like this.

"my last company has two female colleagues, another colleague was ill, they go to the hospital for two weeks, and an intern on the good, and a male nurse on the good. They have a common feature, and the family is the same. So the girl must be rich, or it would be easy for a person to go. "

for a long time, we are particularly fond of connecting such two seemingly logical events to a causal conclusion.

Does the

"not rich" and "a casual man go" really have a causal relationship?

has a research conclusion: 80% women wearing high heels like lipstick.

so, most women who wear high heels are fond of lipstick.

seems to be a cause of cause and effect.

but, love to wear high heels and love lipstick, do you really have a certain connection?

isn't the cause of the core because she is a beautiful woman?


's parents' mouth, "boys need to be poor, and girls want to be rich." The big premise is to put men and women in the unequal position.

these ideas are completely the idea of instilling children as adults, with social discrimination.

they say: a poor boy, to make him strong, know how to struggle, grow up to realize the ambition, the main responsibility of the house.

is a rich girl, in order to make her look higher in the future, rather than being taken away by a man's sugar.

but, boys or girls, born in a white paper, the key lies in how parents education.

a girl, how can not be educated to be a responsible person?

ancient Mulan, Liang Hongyu, now Dong Mingzhu, Yuan Li.

is innumerable!

again said, a woman

From: “男孩要穷养,女孩要富养”...女孩,真的要富养吗?
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