Krypton evening blue bicycle or | victim group action; 1 hours of Tmall supermarket has covered five big city of Japan intends to sign the inbound tourists...

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original title: krypton evening blue bicycle or | victim group action; 1 hours of Tmall supermarket has covered five big city; Japan intends to sign the inbound tourists "tourism tax"

keyword 1: shared bicycle

Beijing Lvxie collection blue bicycle victim information of the group litigation

according to the Legal Evening News reported, aiming at sharing the deposit returned to the bike, learned from the deputy director of the Beijing Lawyers Association Niu Qiaochu, Beijing lawyers association to prepare for the community to collect blue bicycle victim information of the group litigation of blue bicycle. A seminar on bicycle rights protection will be held in recent days. Lawyers and judges are invited to discuss the special issues of bicycle protection cases. After that, a car protection lawyer group is set up to initiate a single car rights litigation.

keyword 2: Japanese

Japan develops running robots at a speed equivalent to the professional player

, according to "Japan economic news" reported that the robot through the high-speed camera to shoot posture and automatic control, and successfully move forward like humans. With the improvement of the design and the use of new technologies at the manufacturing site, the biped walking robot is expected to be practical in 3~5 years. The robot's waist, knee and ankle can be active and can simulate human walking posture. The robot's leg is 14 centimeters long and weighs less than 1 kilograms, and runs at a speed of 4.2 kilometers. If the adult is converted into a leg with a length of 70~80 centimeters long, the speed is up to 20 kilometers per hour.

for the first time! The Tokyo Olympic Games will adopt the NEC face recognition system

, according to the December 25th Tokyo news report, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has confirmed that the "face recognition system" will be introduced into the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020. When the contestants and the general assembly related personnel are admitted, the system will automatically identify the face and the image information on the identification card before the entry. The initiative aims to speed up identification, achieve a smooth and orderly entry, and ensure security. It was the first to introduce a face recognition system in the history of the Olympic Games to match the identity card photos of the people concerned, the report said.

Japan plans to levy "sightseeing tax" on inbound tourists ahead of time, with 1000 yen

per person

, according to the Beijing business daily, will levy a "international tourist passenger tax" in January 2019. In addition, the Japanese consumption tax rate will increase to 10% from October 2019. Insiders pointed out that the collection of "international tourist tax" and the increase of consumption tax will affect the number of overseas visitors, but at the same time, it will help to adjust the structure of visitors to visit, increase more high consumption customers and free travelers. It is understood that the name of the "tourism promotion tax" (departure tax) originally established by Japan has been changed to the "international tourist tax", and the original implementation in April 2019 was also 3 months ahead of schedule in January 2019. But the amount of tax is the same as that of the original plan. It is 1000 yen (about 58 yuan) for each person who is leaving the country and the foreign visitors to Japan.

big company

Tencent king card user breakthrough 50 million: a new 30 million new

in half a year

held in the days before the 2017 CCF data and computational intelligence contest (BDCI), Dean of the Zhang Yunyong China Unicom Research Institute revealed that the Tencent king card users has exceeded 50 million, and in May of this year, the number of users is 20 million king card. That is to say, more than half the time, the Tencent added 30 million users here. Tencent king card monthly fee is 19 yuan, enjoy the privilege is the application of the free flow of Tencent's, outside the tariff set is not expensive, the flow of 1 yuan 500MB, 2 yuan 500MB province flow. In addition, the Tencent also has a king card. It added 500 minutes of domestic voice calls on the basis of the big king's card, and the monthly fee is 59 yuan per month.

after Beijing, Tmall supermarket covers 1 hours in Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, four City,

according to Sina Technology reports, Tmall announced that the Tmall supermarket 1 hours service has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other five cities. It is reported that Tmall 1 hours of service of Tmall and Xianda, an easy fruit together to create a new retail "experimental field", currently has 500 kinds of SKU, providing 29 yuan shipping services up to 1 hours. In the future, more than 2000 SKU will be launched, focusing on the first and second tier cities in the country. The peak period of consumption of the service is between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m., and the price per passenger is about two times the average passenger price under the line, and the proportion of female customers is 70%.


12306 applet was officially launched today, with three major functions but not including the purchase of

12 26 in the afternoon, 36 krypton learned that the 12306 small program was officially launched. At present, 12306 small programs provide three functions such as the remaining ticket query, the timetable query and the late query. At the same time, the small program also supports the add itinerary function, which can be said to bring great convenience to the users. However, 12306 small programs do not support the purchase of tickets at present. In addition, the two major functions of the China Railway mall and the grand screen of the station are still in the preparation.

in the middle of music: "all Jia Yueting said is a lie, because there's too much honesty to do."

From: 氪星晚报 | 小蓝单车受害人或进行集团诉讼;天猫超市1小时达已覆盖五大城市;日本拟向入境游客征...
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