2017: seven major scientific discoveries that are ignored

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original title: 2017: seven major scientific discoveries that are ignored

1. two a supermassive black hole "pas de deux"

astronomers searched for twenty years, finally observed on a supermassive black hole orbiting each other. They are about 750 million light-years away from the earth. In theory, this happens when two galaxies merge. But it was not until June this year that the evidence was seen.


2. slow step animal is the final winner,

slow - step animals can hardly be destroyed. They can survive in drought, extreme heat, extreme cold, and even in a vacuum. This year, scientists have found that even if the earth is destroyed, they can continue to survive. Gamma ray bursts, asteroid impacts... Almost all types of destruction can not destroy it.

3. earth life may be derived from the meteorite

a new study, which covers astrophysics, chemistry and geology, suggests that the first raw material of life on earth may come from space. When meteorites collide with a warm, moist surface ocean, the molecules are arranged in some particular form, just to make RNA polymers.

4. Mars will snow

in August this year, scientists found that there would be a serious Blizzard at night - a lot of dry ice particles in the sky.

5. century old medicine unexpectedly wonders

on autism

is usually used in the treatment of sleeping sickness. This year, scientists tested this drug on a group of autistic boys. The result is amazing. Only a single dose of drugs, their symptoms of autism have been significantly relieved.

6. diabetes also has a major breakthrough in

In April,

, researchers announced that they had discovered a new type of cells that secrete insulin, which were hidden in the pancreas. In this way, scientists can change the way of thinking about type 1 diabetes and new treatments.

7. physicists crack the riddle of "Rupert's tears"

molten glass drops into the ice water and can naturally form a glass tear - "Rupert's tears". Its head is incredibly hard - the hammer doesn't break, and it doesn't shoot. However, as long as you tore its tail, the whole tear will disintegrate in a moment.

In the past

400 years, scientists have not been able to solve this problem. This year, the mystery is finally announced. The reason is the surface stress distribution. The surface compression stress of the head is as high as 700MPa, which is 7000 times the atmospheric pressure, but the distribution is very thin, only 10% of the diameter.


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