An aisle that falls on the altar

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original title: drop the altar of eternal Asia

/ immortal


Jay Chou: every cake is a

with tears.

Jay Chou's employees and investors: Jay Chou's cake, with tears, should pretend to eat.


Jay Chou, referring to Zhou Guohui, the eternal Asia actual control, chairman, general manager and a top salesman.

first Pa Pa: yiyatong company incorporated in 1996, 2007 log A shares of small and medium-sized enterprise board, as the leader in supply chain services, this is a once brilliant, advanced in age, fell into the altar, unable to get up after a fall.

said its share price, "Jonathan Lee hills" with lyrics is very occasional: across the hills, although already bald, stumble endlessly, when I say. From the 2015 high of 37 yuan to 7 yuan now, EA for fall for 2 years, fell over 80%.

2017 in mid November students are removed from the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index stocks.

Jay Chou, sorrow, pain, eternal asia.

The arm is not strong

2017 in December 7th, EA announced: Chairman Zhou Guohui called on employees to buy company stock.

The chairman of

roared and the share price trembled three.

2017 December 7th afternoon, yiyatong shares rose over 8%, and finally to 7.47 yuan / share close, up 5.81%.

shares holdings once regarded as a stock rescue "medicine", and Jay Chou on the development prospects of the company this belief sound, at the most is a booster, it did not take long, eternal Asia and how (currently in sideways).

This is a

booster is not strong, there is of course can be found, and Jay Chou called on employees holdings, but since the middle of 2016 so far, Jay Chou has no holdings of company stock. And now, before calling for employee enrichment, Chang Xiaoyan, a company's supervisor, Zhang Jia brothers and company securities affairs representative, has reduced two companies' stock to 75 thousand shares,


two is the call of holdings do not reveal all the details, you know, the current price is far lower than the 11 yuan of ESOP and will increase the price of 12 yuan, the ESOP was also deep set, distressed staff 10 seconds. Now to engage in this wave of short message, do not know what to think of

EA staff;

three is way too repetitive, the audience visual fatigue. This year announced the holdings of listed companies reveal a grasp of a lot, has become a fixed market exciting drama, the effect of natural to move the mass reduction. As a matter of fact, investors do not eat this set, after all, the cheater is the essence of the play;

four is that personal heroism has not been sought after. The Volkswagen has been deeply pricked after a person who did not let the executive reduce his deity of 10 billion.

, finally, of course, the most important problem is that the announcement indicates that this initiative only represents Mr. Zhou's personal suggestion, not the board's resolution, so we must invite investors to pay attention to the risk of investment.

see here, sad tears fall down, what to take to save Xiaoyi shares of


EA model

about the eternal Asia's main business income, expert Jay Chou once said: "do not rely on a piece of business to make money, make money but by many '+'."

therefore, in the past 20 years, a supply chain service company with wolf sex culture has undergone three large-scale strategic transformation at least in 2004, 2009 and 2015.

In February 20th

2004, approved by Shenzhen Municipal People's government, No. 20044 of Shenzhen Fu shares, Shenzhen Yi Ya Tong Trading Co., Ltd. changed to Shenzhen Limited by Share Ltd as a whole.

then, eternal Asia focused on various types of enterprises, customers, value-added service providers, stores and their consumers provide competitive supply chain solutions, ecological products and services.

however, in 2008, because of the breadth of supply chain services "low threshold, low technology content, a large number of imitators enter, agency fees points continue to decline, the volume of business growth in EA exceeded 20 billion, while the global financial crisis, eternal Asia again have to transition, eyeing the domestic FMCG the field, beginning 380 platform construction started (" the depth of the supply chain service ").

's so-called 380 platform refers to the plan to enter 380 cities in 3-5 years, covering 1~6 towns, and set up deep supply chain distribution platform, pushing group business volume to 100 billion yuan. The goal of the 380 platform is to provide one-stop distribution service, to eliminate the lagging multilevel distribution channels, reduce the distribution level and channel cost between brand and terminal stores, and finally achieve flat channels.

looks very aggressive, and of course, the capital market at the time of was also a scramble.

At that time, some of the research report,

shares, Bowen, uniform of eternal Asia reached the FMCG, layout of 380 trillion market capitalization is full of imagination. At that time, and benchmarking enterprises are eternal Amazon, WAL-MART and other giants of the world.