Wearable equipment market continues to decline, the future is worrying!

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original title: the wearable equipment market continues to decline, the future is worrying!

IT home message December 26th wearable device in its early stage, get widespread attention, but also in the short term, obtained the big development, various manufacturers have released a wearable device of every hue, as if the next technological revolution is wearable devices, however, the market has given a cruel answer, wearable device growth rate, into the cliff downwards.


back in 2015, some agencies have slashed forecasts for wearable device users incremental, on 2016 wearable equipment growth forecast, the number of institutions had forecast in 2016 adult users will have 60% growth, but the fact that the growth rate of only 24.7%.

for wearable devices, the market situation in 2018 is even worse. The prediction is only 11% growth. By 2019, it will be lower or even a single digit.

wearable device market downturn, the main reason is because the products did not bring some bright spots to the user function, secondly, the future direction of development is also unknown, this year the popular intelligent speaker is because people see the possibilities, in the future, perhaps is the smart home smart speaker the entrance, however, wearable devices, and did not give consumers a blueprint for this picture.

The increase in the number of users in the

market continues to decline dramatically, and the industry has been overshadowed, and how smart wearable devices should develop. return to the Sohu, see more


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