Exploration of Tibetan Buddhism in Qinghai first temple - Kumbum Monastery in Xining

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original title: Quest of Tibetan Buddhism in Qinghai the first temple - Xining Kumbum Monastery

beautiful Qinghai, beautiful snowy plateau, there are too many cultural and natural landscape attracts people to have the quest.

some people like the vastness and vastness of Sanjiang source and Hoh Xil. Some people like the blueness and clarity of Qinghai Lake. Some people like the sanctity and lofty of jade Mount Everest. However, what attracts me most is mysterious and mysterious Tibetan Buddhism culture.

Kumbum Monastery, the sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism, is a must to travel to Qinghai.

In Qinghai, there are many Buddhist temples in Qinghai. What is the charm of Kumbum Monastery to attract people?

also known as the Kumbum Monastery tower temple, known as the Tibetan "gun Yin Bahrain", meaning "one hundred thousand lion’s roar of Maitreya Buddha Temple, built in the Ming Hongwu ten years (1377), located in Qinghai Province, Xining City, 25 kilometers southwest of the Huangzhong County rouchard town south of Lotus Hill, the national 5A level scenic spots Qinghai, the first temple.


Kumbum Monastery and Tibet Ganden, Drepung Monastery, tashilhunpo, salad and Gannan and called China's six major monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, is one of the Gelug Sect, religious believers and religious center, enjoys a high reputation in China and Southeast asia.

from the air, the Kumbum Monastery is surrounded by eight peaks, just like a lotus stand, and Kumbum Monastery is located in the lotus stand.

The religious status of Kumbum Monastery was highly praised by the central government of the


The Ming Dynasty temple of

upper religious figures repeatedly granted the name, the Qing emperor Kangxi gave a "net bridge" plaque, Qianlong Dici "fanzong Temple", and "Brahma Temple Daikin tile teaching building board.

Kumbum Monastery is 25 kilometers from Xining, and it is very convenient to go from the city.

when you came to Huangzhong County lushaer Town, you can find a large painted building huge gilt urn top and colorful distant hillside, in the blue sky, dazzling, very beautiful.

that's Kumbum Monastery.

Kumbum Monastery is the first tower, and then the temple, the name of the Kumbum Monastery.

Kumbum Monastery main temple, Daikin watt Jing Tang, Maitreya temple, nine temple, temple, temple, flowers small w Bazatan, Ding Ju bin, Mamba Za Tan, Mary Khoza wave, big kitchen, Ruyi pagoda, and auspicious monastery, speak exotoric Buddhism Tantric Music Academy of medicine, with Tecsun mingxingsheng Lisheng Institute, round out for your letter of four bin Huiming (College) such as the size of the building a total of more than 1000 courtyards, 9300 rooms (seat), consisting of a large combination of Chinese and Tibetan buildings, covers an area of 450 thousand square meters.

Kumbum Monastery architecture covers the Han Palace and Tibetan flat style, have great originality to Han Yan Xie Qiao three forms masonry walls, inlaid with flax whip Kalachakra Sanskrit mantra and bronze mirrors, bottom brick and Tibetan mountain under the eaves, formed a perfect combination of Tibetan art style buildings.

Kumbum Monastery is not only the holy land of Lamaism in China, but also one of the advanced institutions of learning to bring up a large number of Tibetan intellectuals.

, a temple Buddhism Tantra, astronomy, medicine, four.

Temple Treasures many Buddhist classics and history, literature, philosophy, medicine, law and other aspects of the academic monographs.

in Kumbum Monastery, sculpture, frescoes and Duitou known as "Sanjue art", let a person feel the ingenuity of the monks of the Kumbum Monastery.


mural painting is the painting on the walls of the various palace. Most of them are painted on the cloth mantle, and they are directly painted on the walls and beams.

mural pigment is a stone mineral with bright color and constant.

Kumbum Monastery murals everywhere, with a strong Tibetan style.

the walls of the main hall, woodwork and ceilings, even the monks of the Buddhist temple in the bedroom have color painting.

The dyestuffs of the

mural are made of natural stone minerals, which are brightly colored and will not change after a long time.

butter using white butter to reconcile into a variety of plastic pigment oil plastic art.


Kumbum Monastery suyouhua sculpture art in scale, content rich and colorful, mostly drawn from the Buddha's life and historical legends.

every the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the temple monks will elaborate sculpture in the temple of the temple festival exhibition, as once a year.

is one of the varieties of Kumbum Monastery Duixiu Tibetan art creation, with a variety of colorful silk cut into various shapes to produce, such as statues, figures, flowers, birds and animals, and then enrich them with wool or cotton, and then embroidered on the curtain, with a strong sense of three-dimensional.

in the Kumbum Monastery, the most popular is the square on the eight towers, also known as Italian pagoda.

best pagoda was built in 1776, eight tower from the East and west side by side a well-balanced layout, tall and straight, other powerful Tazuo, elegant tall, elegant white tower, the waist was decorated with Scripture, in the background of blue sky solemn.

monks around Ruyi pagoda clockwise circles, walked the pious chanting.

in Kumbum Monastery, everywhere you see the devout worshipers.

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From: 探秘青海藏传佛教第一大寺院-西宁塔尔寺
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