Can "Chinese green card" attract foreign scientists

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original title: "Chinese green card" can attract foreign scientists

"Chinese green card" can attract more foreign scientists,

not long ago, Bernard Fellinga, the winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry, walked into the entry-exit administration of Shanghai, and took the permanent residence identity card application procedure as the guest professor of East China Science and technology. Expected soon, he and Kurt Wiithrich distinguished professor of Shanghai University of science and technology, the application is expected to be approved, two people will become the first batch of Shanghai and a "China green card" Nobel Prize winner.

in the past, foreign scientists worked in China, usually to leave China within the time required for a visa or to reapply before the expiration of a visa.

from June this year, the Ministry of Public Security issued the new version of "China green card", renamed the original "permanent residence permit for foreigners" as "permanent residence identity card for foreigners". The new version of "China green card" can make foreign talent in the purchase, bank financial business, apply for a driver's license, registration, China citizens enjoy equal treatment in accordance with the law; work in China territory, but also enjoy the social insurance and housing fund according to law, the work to Chinese foreign senior personnel provides more security.

"China green card" has been applying for a high threshold, harsh conditions, and a small amount. By 2013, the total number of foreigners who received "permanent residence permit" was only 7356.


2015, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Fujian started a new round of "green card system" reform, and implemented a series of facilitation policies, including the release of permanent residence permit application conditions. One of the contents is to expand the scope of work of foreigners who live permanently in China: foreigners who work in 7 types of enterprises, such as national laboratories, national engineering laboratories, national accreditation technology centers, etc., can apply for permanent residence in China.

international famous structure biologist Raymond Stevens of Shanghai University of science and Technology Research Institute, the first iHuman, he had a "China dream", is building a first-class international academic research team, to build a well-known international research on human cell signal transduction, seize the new commanding heights of life science research.

however, the Shanghai University of science and technology, the introduction of full-time personnel, the international high-end Shanghai Magnolia Award winner, committed in the application for permanent residence time. In December 20th, Shanghai University of science and technology human resources department He Yulin said, the school began early last year for Professor Stevens for a permanent residence, but due to the complex procedures and audit for a long time, and involves no proof of a crime, the determination of nationality and a lot of material, not only has been shelved.

did not have a change until December last year. The Ministry of public security to support the construction of Shanghai Branch Center, high-end foreign talent introduction issued the entry and exit of the "new ten" convenience policy, which recognized the standard to meet the foreign high-level personnel, the Shanghai Zhangjiang national innovation demonstration zone and the Shanghai free trade zone test recommended, can directly apply for permanent residence in China. And the approval time from the original 6 months shortened to 50 working days. Up to now, the Zhangjiang High Tech Management Committee has issued a permanent residence recommendation for 30 foreign high level talents.

in the world, the "green card" system has become an important system to attract and retain high-level talents in the major developed countries. In fact, the "green card" system in many countries, including China, is learning and even copying the United States. China Social Law Research Association vice president Jiang Junlu believes that China is not a country of immigrants, with vast territory and large population, whether to allow more foreigners to China, consideration than pure capital goods and more complicated and sensitive, especially cross-border mobility will be involved in national security, need to take a more cautious attitude. return to the Sohu, see more


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