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a little friend gave a salute in micro-blog, but was laughed at: brainwashing from the doll. More net friends can't see it...

@ Chengdu subway: TV play "five star red flag I am proud of you", the children salute

recently, a little friend gave a salute on the Internet:

Why do

children salute?

, according to micro-blog @ Chengdu Metro. On the Chengdu Metro Line 3, the "five star red flag" is being broadcast on the metro line. I am proud of you. This kid salutes the TV.

Chen Shiyu, the head of

@ of Chengdu metro, introduced to China Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol), . The micro-blog's reading volume has reached @ million.

, the micro-blog has also won about 200000 of the point of praise, a number of media have been reprinted:

for this fire micro-blog , Chen Shiyu said " never thought of ": " is a very small thing , , we were quite surprised. ", he said , saw a friend's forwarding and comment on , is very happy , in the heart is very warm.

According to the

Chinese Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol), 12 24, , graduate student, Chengdu Railway Group Ltd., Sichuan Normal University three summer interns from Xin more than 20 users daily journal was selected in this photo of Zhang salute < span>, editor of : "after the release of 's positive energy . didn't think .

netizen submission screenshot

Xia Xin said : " will look back to see , really touches. "

is mocked at salute, net friends do not do it...

this photo triggered a hot debate, but was laughed at: This is a brainwashing.

's comments on "brainwashing" have been said by netizens.

more friends or a little friend for this move!

more and more teenagers moved the net friend

do you remember these kids? Every one full of positive energy, once touched the net friend:

in the small baby farewell father: North theater air force in the train station to bid farewell to triage officers, set after the whistle, a wife to allow children to wearing camouflage uniforms and a gift to dad. Hear the salute password, a small army raised childish hands, and a less standard salute. This move makes a lot of people move. Some people say that Junsao is omnipotent, even in the premature baby learn self-reliance, that is because they assume the burden of more than ordinary people.

in Guizhou Zunyi city Honghuagang District primary school pupils because of a late rain ran to the classroom. When he ran to the playground and heard the national anthem, he immediately saluted the national flag until the National Anthem ended, and he hurried into the classroom. I didn't do what he did now, the net friend said.