The future philanthropic foundation is sponsored by Ma Huateng.

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, the founder of the "one yuan purchase" public welfare project and "the same day birthday" online fundraising event, the Shenzhen AI future Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Ai future foundation") was investigated by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau.

In December 26th, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of civil affairs decided to investigate the future foundation of aisu for the question of "the same day birthday" network fund-raising activities. In December 26th, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of civil affairs decided to investigate the future foundation of aisu foundation.

it is understood that yesterday, the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau investigation team interviewed aisuke future foundation secretary general, ordered to immediately stop the same birthday "network fund-raising activities, and submit donation to the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau report, the related enterprises and the cooperation agreement published documents. And said that the relevant investigation will continue.

days ago, someone broke the news that "the same birthday" network fundraiser for suspected fraud. According to user screenshots, there are two children with the same pictures, similar names, but different birthdays. In addition, there are children's birthday in February 29, 2009, but in fact, there is no such date.

reported that the event was over. The donation page shows that the campaign has raised 2 million 556 thousand yuan. The information shows that the organizers of the event are the future foundation and the decibels.

23 day, "decibel raising" issued a notification response. It was said that the activities were spread after the staff sent to the friends circle in the testing phase, and there was information error and instability of the interface, so we apologized to the public. At present, the optimization interface has been urgently coordinated to prevent the system from making mistakes again.

commented on the charity charity forum, "although the AI qualification of the love future foundation is endorsed," the same day's birthday "fundraising information is released in the DB public number, and it should be an illegal fundraising activity. According to the sixteenth provision of the charity organization's public fundraising management measures, the information of public fundraising should first be released on the unified or designated platform of the Ministry of civil affairs, and can not be directly released on the charity organization's own platform or other designated platforms.

, it is understood that the AI future foundation is jointly sponsored by Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive of Tencent Inc, and Wang Bing, chairman of AI charity foundation. Two people invested 2 million yuan, and Ma Huateng served as director of the charity foundation.

official website shows, love woo Future Foundation Chairman Zhou Qiren, members of the Council include Henderson real estate group vice chairman Li Jiajie, the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, RoyalTek Asset Management Ltd. chairman Wang Bing, China Vanke Limited by Share Ltd president Yu Liang, Beijing innovation CDH Investment Consultants Limited chairman Wu Shangzhi, chairman of MINDRAY Medical International Limited Xu Hang and other well-known entrepreneurs and investors. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 爱佑未来慈善基金会被立案调查 马化腾参与出资发起
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