The staffing of the headquarters was reduced by 51.6%, and the China Unicom mixed and modified organization adjusted to the ground

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original title: headquarters staffing reduction 51.6%, China Unicom mixed reform organization to adjust to landing

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12, China Unicom released the data after the restructuring of the restructuring. It is understood that the institutional adjustment organization is streamlined and super expected. At the headquarters level, the number of departments is reduced to 18, and the staffing is reduced by 51.6% directly.

Unicom said, since the unified deployment of fitness and health since September 2017, China Unicom set up special institutional reform leading group work system to promote fitness and health, cadres policy, mixed change since the party only around the mix change work of the 42 party will be held, mix change issue 52.

it is understood that the downsizing work adhere to the problem oriented and focus on long-term combined adjustment can not adapt to the deep problem of Internet management of new formats, change the function oriented management mode, adjust the traditional resource allocation and use mechanism; encourage the premise of meeting the function of landing docking, as far as possible reduce the institutions and personnel allocation, optimization responsibilities interface, change management mode, combing the production process, reduce the level of management.

at headquarters level, the number of departments has decreased from 27 to 18, which has decreased by 33.3%, and staffing has decreased from 1787 to 865, reducing by 51.6%. At the branch level, the provincial branch of the existing mechanism to reduce the number of 205, down 20.5%; the Ministry of personnel management positions to reduce 342, down 15.5%; municipal institutions reduced 2013, reduced by 26.7%; the city company team positions to reduce 73, reduced by 4.2%. The provincial company management personnel positions to reduce 415, reduction rate of 9.8%.

In addition,

in addition, the management of the whole group organization streamlined after the first selection of jobs, until now, the average exit rate of managers is around 14.3%.

on the next step of the work plan, China Unicom will continue to do institutional adjustment and process optimization in the following three aspects, and promote the normalization of all works. First, we should dynamically optimize and adjust the organizational structure, and strengthen the institutional and institutional innovation. The two is to establish a market-oriented operation mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise. The three is to push forward the reform of human resources, and form a dynamic management mechanism of staff vitality, orderly flow of cadres and optimal allocation of talents, so as to maintain the normal exit ratio of group members 1.5% a year.

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