12/28 | chowhound card merchant 50 percent off crazy hit, please take chowhound!

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original title: 12/28 | chowhound card merchant 50 percent off crazy hit, please take chowhound!

thirty-second phase

- on -

chowhound this week

, >2017, December 28th

on Thursday


- 50 percent off -

, beef balls, beef offal

(liquor beverage, tea position, seasoning without discount)

with fresh beef bones 5 hours bone soup, cream after numerous boiling condensed, boiled beef out enough to taste.

does not follow what Chaoshan beef Hot pot, hanging dragon, snow all the meat here, only for the people of Dongguan have the beef, beef, beef , identified by the naked eye can not remember a long time, meat.

Dongguan local flavor of beef balls, add a horse, not so exaggerated Chaozhou ushimaru shells teeth, remains the only beef should be chewy, and horseshoe Crisp was ~


common beef tripe, beef tripe, beef intestines, etc. These are ordinary red cattle feed, mouth people come here to eat them .

love to eat pig in the Hot pot of spicy buddy, don't miss bovine brain ~

Hot pot beef

cooked beef brain brain texture than hard, if the brain as soft as the Tofu pudding words, taste like tofu bovine brain.

girls must eat one piece of cake Dichotomanthes , is full of collagen , touch the skin feel like captain had become slippery ~

boys are secretly eating beef bone marrow , , its efficacy is not losing bullwhip , but also can supplement calcium, maybe it can grow longer, ~


Ronald Cheng favorite cattle joy , but the captain did not dare to eat, after eating you tell me taste (~ code or ugly in appearance,


[shop name ] shop address near Dongguan Dongcheng road fortress garden

[contact phone] Liang Sheng: 13825291202

[business hours] luncheon 11:30-14:00 17:00-24:00

(2) can cake jar dessert

- Drink Series 50 percent off -

(except glass of grapefruit, fruit tea, sweet dew)

can cake cup, mousse Cup Series 50 percent off -

advocates "no adding" production process, without adding any food additives.

eat at ease

From: 12/28 | 吃货卡商家5折疯狂来袭,吃货们请接招!
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