Buddha EDG fan control table, see if you have!

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original title: the Buddha Department EDG fan control table, see if you have!

had heard a very hot and precise paragraph in the previous period: "why don't you kill?" A Buddhist?!"

but how long before, the word "Buddha" in the recent red one day, Jun subscribe around you, as one of the top of his head, all out of the buddha.

is said to have been a strong replacement for the new generation of the new generation after the new generation of the new generation.

at home and see Guan Bojun today saw the word, must tell us:

[the first 90s can't stay up at night and play games]

in the voice and voice of office colleagues, suddenly said a word [you look at the players' fans]

FINE! Show the white feather!

then subscribe to you today to join you and check a few types of Buddha EDG fans!

note: most of the staff, such as subscribing Jun, are most of the post - 90s of the Buddha department, if you are young... Also you don't call me aunt Baoquan:)

Buddha, Li Shui can

's fan

Anyway, a lot of

no matter how every other powder, fans still came to Department of Buddha is silent, continue to spoil him.

he smile into a child (silly), you have not even side side in the heart called screenshot is too cute, it is still not as good as nostril eye, eyes and heart, when one day, the Buddha fans, a day watching live.


every day to put up with his gank after the failure of the call, is "what to learn, don't learn later, had almost become Ailuo Li" no hair without camera slip powder not still love you Li Ruican desperate?

Buddha lomo

's fan

is a Buddhist girl a few years ago, one thing you must do every day is to see live Ailuo li.

at that time, all of her classmates thought she had an engraved feeling on the anchor. She asked if she knew: one day, the homepage of the live broadcast platform recommended the anchor, then she paid attention and then kept chasing it.

results in the love of the host, now not only often broadcast, occasionally also a live broadcast is called to sow.

alas... But it is good that the fans of his Buddha department will not have too much idea in the daily trivia, and it is the best arrangement to insist that he is in a good place.

the truth is that this rough monk's fans are probably very icy ~

Buddha, Ming Kai

's fan

has more and more Ming Kay for Sao. His Buddhist fans are probably the highest and most happy group of EDG fans.

sees him put the cat into office, or silently thinking about to anchor Amway delicious cat food and nutrition cream, told the cat while thinking about "good pet brother really is with the owner".

When the weather is hot with anchor

recommended EDG electric short sleeved, cold with anchor live fans throughout the year to send clothes, wear what do not have to worry about, anyway, Ming kai. Fashion in the wind, my love stays.

Buddha's sweet wild

's fan

not to say, directly put a small @-Livvv- sister shot COS cute little Zoe sweet teacher.

is such a lovely sweet teacher. As his fans, he is soaked in sweet air every day. His love is deeply buried in his heart. He silently put the photo of sweet teacher in the head and smiled at the cell phone.

world worries so much, look at the sweet teacher, what is not going to go?

The love of

fans is being recharged...

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