The most beautiful island of the volcano in Africa, the first ethnic group is not black, the general currency is printed on the Chinese head.

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original title: the most beautiful volcanic island country in Africa, the first generation is not black, and the Chinese currency is printed on the universal currency.

mentioned that many people think of Africa, tap dance, war, poverty and the ubiquitous Black faces in the first time, in fact, in addition to black and white, African, Indian, and Japanese Chinese other ethnic group, is located in the southeast of Mauritius in Africa is an oriental majority country.

Mauritius is a beautiful island in the India ocean, which is formed by the eruption of the volcano and the uplift of the earth's crust.

The history of the

island is not long. It used to be a colony in Holland, France and England, and the locals still retain English and French as a folk language.

Mauritius island has a low middle height, and almost every road and every beach is a beautiful landscape. The church, seven soil, Puerto Galera, natural bridge, sharmar waterfall, Lawan, Mauritius is the most famous scenic spots.

international famous writer Mark. Twain once said a famous quote: "God first created in Mauritius, and then copy it to create garden of eden." The degree of an exquisite scenery of Mauritius.

Indians are the largest ethnic groups in Mauritius, followed by white and black people, and about 30% of the Chinese on the island. Mauritius of India's ethnic groups took political institutions in the country and large tracts of farmland, mostly black workers, white and yellow people (especially Chinese) is to control the economic lifeline of the island.


travels to Mauritius, it needs to exchange the local rupees. It is surprised to find that the 25 yuan face of the rupee is printed with a Chinese head. Why is that?

found that the main character of the 25 yuan rupee was Zhu Meilin, who was born in Meixian, Guangdong province in 1911. She was born in Mauritius in 1911. He is the second generation of overseas Chinese. He will choose the chairman of the local Chinese business association. When the Second World War broke out, Zhu Meilin called on the Chinese to bravely fight against the Japanese aggressors.

, because of geographical reasons, Mauritius became an isolated island during the war period, with poor materials and hard life for the people. Zhu Meilin donated lots of personal materials and money without any reason. After the end of World War II, Zhu Meilin served as a member of the Mauritius Legislative Council. He was elected a member of Parliament at the age of 53 and was minister at the age of 56. Zhu Meilin died of illness in 1991. In order to commemorate and commend him, the Mauritius government printed his head on the 25 yuan face of the rupee.

Zhu Meilin is called the "light of Chinese people" and "the light of Meizhou". Now the Chinese are very respected in Mauritius, in addition to the strong national strength of China, a large part of the reasons for the credit to Yu Zhu Mei Lin.

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