How to eat chicken Ranger original Terminator 2 eat chicken video on 2 trial day

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Terminator 2 Judgment Day Mobile Games, chicken is a very fun game player, through various means, to the end, and then out of all the people in the game to win, but for 120 people together for the game, stick to the end is a very difficult thing, because every single row in the game player is an independent unit, not to beat the game player groups, 119 is not an easy thing, here is the Ranger group Raiders to bring you to eat chicken video, with a look.

Ranger Raiders "Terminator 2" teaches you the correct way to eat chicken

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is Xiaowen Xiaobian brings us all kinds of elimination instant and the last video game to eat chicken, hoping to help the players who need it. There is a little bit of operation on the phone is not smooth, and the difficulty is much bigger than the PC end, so we need to familiarise ourselves with this game. return to the Sohu, see more


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