China mobile payment company has been penalized by the central bank for a number of violations by 50 thousand

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December, 26, 26, according to the information on administrative penalty announced by the Changsha central sub branch of the people's Bank of China, the Agel Ecommerce Ltd moved to a fine of 50 thousand yuan for a number of irregularities, and the decision date for the administrative penalty is December 7th.

punishment information shows that the shift in Agel Ecommerce Ltd violations are: to open a personal payment account is not required to retain customers Id photocopy; there is a financial institution, or engaged in credit, financing, financing, guarantees, trusts, currency exchange and other financial services to other institutions to open payment accounts; existing customer participation and package to receive coupons activities, open payment accounts without the consent of the customer.

China payment network has been referred to. The Agel Ecommerce Ltd is China Mobile's three party payment company. It is responsible for the platform construction, product development and business operation of China Mobile's whole network and package business. In 2011, the "payment business license" was obtained. The business type was mobile phone payment and bank card receipt. In April 2014, increased Internet payment, prepaid card issuance and acceptance (limited online real name payment account recharge), became a "full licence to pay". (in the new APP return to the Sohu, see more


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