There are five major discoveries on individualized learning abroad.

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original title: the five major foreign discoveries on personalized learning, the key to the poke!

personalized learning is difficult to carry out. For the group devoted to education technology, the new research findings of the Rand Co are a little discouraged. The conclusion of this study comes from the early assessment of Opportunity by Design, which is funded by the Carnegie foundation of New York.

schools comply with 10 common "design principles", including emphasis on personalization, that is, customized student experience based on needs and interests, and learning to grasp.

but the RAND research team did find some positive signals. Every school as the object of the study has a clear goal. Teachers and students emphasize the key characteristics based on mastery and personalized learning, such as providing students with opportunities to use specific materials until they are fully grasped, and there are some examples of creative use of data to customize teaching.

5 major discovery of personalized learning

1 personalization and mastery learning is considered to be the key element of the effort to design innovative high school models in high - poor areas.

2 believe that the new practice of adjusting curriculum contents to meet the needs of individual students is taking root.

3 teachers say the lack of time to create customized courses is a major obstacle to personalized learning.

4, even a school that explicitly focuses on "Mastery Learning", strives to define this term, and consistently applies the general mastery standard.

5 educators want every student to progress at their own speed, but they are faced with external pressure that allows all students to pass both courses and graduation.

data source: Rand Co

(the whale media note: the "Mastery Learning" proposed by Bloom, the basic idea is: if given enough time and appropriate teaching, almost all the students on almost all of the learning content can reach mastery level (usually required to complete 80% - 90% evaluation items), Bloom is a famous American psychologist and educator).

early obstacles faced by

a report called "innovation middle school layout: the opportunity comes from the design (Opportunity by Design) project 2nd Anniversary inventory" report detailing the early obstacles faced by the school in the implementation of personalized learning. It mainly includes:

teacher does not have time to customize the courses and learning materials for each student.

• students are forced to work outside the pressure, and it is not clear whether the learning materials are really mastered.

- the standards for "Mastery" are not consistent.

• can not keep track of the data of students' learning results.

- lack of high quality online learning materials.

these challenges reflect the obstacles of other personalized learning, including Rand's assessment of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funding schools.

independent non-profit organization Springpoint Partners School Design Institute executive director JoEllen Lynch said: "these studies are still the primary stage, but the research is for the specific classroom case, the daily challenges and possible solutions provide valuable assessment," the school opportunities by design project provide technical assistance. This will bring inspiration to our work, we also hope that more and more schools provide this lesson."

shared design principle

the Carnegie foundation in 2013 launched the "opportunity to design" (Opportunity by Design (Initiative) in the Carnegie foundation in education magazine provides some support for the school innovation), purpose is to promote the development of innovative mode of College in underdeveloped areas. The target school is expected to accept a series of common design principles, which covers a clear task and a continuous growth mode of thinking.

this Rand evaluation focuses on the introduction of 10 target schools in the 2014-15 and 2015-16 academic years that opened "opportunities for design". The results came from classroom observation, and interviews with ten principals, students and teachers.

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