Chatting with an old player in the dark moment of the bitcoin slump

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original title: in the dark moment of the bitcoin slump, talk to an old player on the mentality of

Zhou Zicheng played the coin for four years, and this year was the most thrilling. It's like putting a group of 51 Fen small players on a table to play mahjong and telling them to play one hundred thousand and one at the lowest level.

, two months ago, the price of bitcoin was about five thousand dollars. Zhou Zi Cheng hopes that this virtual currency can go up again, at least up to ten thousand dollars, no problem. At that time, he estimated that it would take at least one year to reach this goal.

Two months after

, bitcoin broke through $twenty thousand.

"like picking money, it's a bit crazy lately." Since bitcoin value have a positive attitude towards Zhou Zicheng in the early December show reservations. "I think the price may be callback."

was once again verifying his anticipation.

bitcoin price after once stood on the peak of $20000, a strong momentum in the week down rapidly. In December 22nd, the price of bitcoin fell from $16000 to $11000 in a day, breaking through six points, falling to $more than 8000 from its historic high. In just 5 days, the price of bitcoin fell about 1/3.

but as far as the current currency is, Zhou Zicheng has already made a full bowl. The 250 bitcoins were not sold when they were the least favored. "In 2013, the first coin was bought from Taobao. It was just because I wanted to buy something, and the system hints that bitcoin can be better than a credit card. " Zhou Zicheng said he had bought lett and ether later, but eventually sold it in a state of profit because it felt the prospect was not as good as bitcoin.


" I will continue to hold, bitcoin and value-added space, but there is no opportunity for speculation. "," Zhou Zicheng said.

's forecast for next year's trend

2017 was a Commemorative Year in the history of the bitcoin. For many people who have never had digital money, it is a very important question whether they can copy the myth in 2018, which is related to whether they need to enter the pit or not.

Zhou Zicheng feels that the future performance of bitcoin is related to two elements:

" first look at the economic situation next year, what's , I think the worse the economic situation, the higher the price of bitcoin will rise." Zhou Zicheng believes that there is an inverse relationship between the two. "From the beginning is bitcoin Nakamoto created out of distrust of the government, but also to let the general public in the hands of a few years in the face of economic crisis is more stable than currency assets."

" is next to the popularity of the block chain. "in Zhou Zicheng's view, the trend of bitcoin is in direct proportion to the popularity of block chain technology. "Three years to die, the fastest two years, and other block chain technology is popularized, must not fall bitcoin."

, in fact, though block chain has manifested its technical superiority in many fields, bitcoin can't catch up with block chain at last, so it has been controversial in the industry.


central bank has set up a digital Monetary Research Institute. The new generation of digital money is developing vigorously. The digital money will grow and expand in the future, but it may not be the bitcoin that has a strong threat to the national seigniorage.

about opportunistic opportunities

In October of this year, Zhou Zicheng refused to persuade people who never bought a coin to buy money, because he thought there was no chance of speculation -- but in fact, the rally in two months later was quite impressive.

at the end of 2017, Zhou Zicheng did not change much idea about this issue, but bitcoin basically have no opportunities for speculation ", he also added the second sentence," the real value of speculative or new digital currency and block chain project".

Zhou Zicheng's second half sentence may have been affected by the recent news of the "bitcoin branching".

bifurcations can be simply understood as "line competition". Due to the different viewpoints of bitcoin community within the future of the special currency, the one who disagrees with the new version of the protocol on the original basis will produce "hard Forks".

, with bitcoin surging in October and November, is becoming more and more fierce in the trend of bitcoin branching. At present, there are many forked versions of bitcoin community, such as BCH (bit cash), BTG (bit gold), SBTC (super bitcoin), GOD (bitcoin God) and so on.

about the branching tide, people in the industry believe that the value of the bifurcation and comparison of the special currency has caused damage. But Zhou Zi Cheng has a dissenting attitude. "Bitcoin is split, a bit similar to stock, but it's not exactly the same." Zhou Zicheng says, if compared to the entity, the difference between the bitcoin and the new coin is a bit like the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 7. "The technology of the developer is perfected, and the products that have been made have improved, but the kernel is the same." Zhou Zicheng said, "iPhone 4 and I

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