The winter snow asihatu stone forest, with the wind, as if a generation had passed Wonderland

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original title: winter asihatu stone forest, snow with the wind, as if a generation had passed a

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winter asihatu stone forest, snow with wind, as if a generation had passed a

Chifeng asihatu stone forest is a magical place, in the sand, pines, rocks, towering peaks in a stacked, charming scenery. Every summer is the best time to appreciate the ice stone forest.

most people would choose summer or for a day to the stone forest, grasslands and rocks off each other, has a particularly magnificent view, probably only a few people will choose to go in the winter asihatu stone forest, only a few of these people have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of winter huangruogeshi.

geographically, asihatu stone forest is located in northern Hexigten Banner, Athha Tu means "steep rock in mongolian". In a radius of tens of square kilometers, the meltwater erosion of the "ice stone forest", "south tower column", "sisters", "ice the Great Wall" and other kinds of statues vivid, beautiful legends and accompanied by a section of the.

That day we went to

asihatu stone forest is the first day of the arrival of cold air, 20 degrees below zero temperature, people outside do not stay too long, with a big wind, the minutes away feeling. Only a jeep that burns diesel can bring us a sense of warmth and security. However, when the small car traveling in the great mountains, or the terrifying.

is divided into four scenic spots in the scenic area. At present, one or two and three or four scenic spots are open to the public. In the summer, ferry cars are traveling between different scenic spots.

this several scenic spots are different, the first scenic spots are more concentrated in Shilin glacier can see, basically walk a few steps will have a different size of the stone forest, Ashatus Lin is mainly formed by a large number of meltwater erosion and erosion, and glacier ice and glacier melt when the excavation for the so called "glacier shilin".

is different from summer in the winter. What it looks like is white and heavy snow. The stone forest is covered with white snow, just like a white hat. In a burst of cold wind blowing, the snow on the stone forest is blown, scraping down layers, the scene is very spectacular.


a tall stone forest, flashed in the vast snow, the world can be a must. It is cold, it is vast, it is neither friendly nor aloof feel my mind, with the misty forest.

because Ishibayashi Taecho, forms, they have also been given a very interesting name, such as "the man asked" and "turtles into heaven" and "five female apprentice" and so on, are root

From: 冬日的阿斯哈图石林,白雪夹着寒风,恍如隔世仙境
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