It was not enough for Yuan Shanshan to be a goddess of the Majia line, and added a superpower of beauty for a few hours.

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original title: Yuan Shanshan had not enough time to become a goddess of vest. She also added a super capability of flying for several hours.

immediately at the end of the year, and to eat and drink when on vacation in the circle of all in one service, throughout the trip, in addition to enjoy the scenery, eat delicacy, feel the local humanistic feelings there is a very important thing to do, that is the editor of the circle of friends. Only a few beautiful pictures and a piece of text will soon be the envy of the friends in the circle.


then the question comes, where does the US map come from?

according to seal Jun experience, short trips generally had let a person tired as a dog, in the play schedule quite onerous, travel this thing every day is very busy. The face of oil, makeup has been spent, before departure has been made up 100 of the invoice to be ring don't such work not completed?

hold the worry, "the star" reported makeup seals with queen Wuli king Yuan Shanshan made a cross shot, the shot King seals not only knowledge of the true queen of her style, also let our staff all surrender to another super power her.

white silk blouse, lattice soft shorts: Etro

Christain Louboutin

for high heels

slant bag: Lulu Guinness LAVINIA red lip handbag

Earrings: Folli Follie Sparkle Chic series

Yuan Shanshan said everyone must think of is her inspirational story, although there have been various users Tucao, but it was all in her silently out vest line smoothly after turning.

this world never lacks a person with high beauty, but a good and healthy figure can make it look so dazzling. To be beautiful can be said to be an advantage, but to live beautifully is the ability.

when it comes to the works of Yuan Shanshan have to mention is the "pancake man", Yuan Shanshan heart played a "rotten actor", many after viewing the film fans have to re-examine her, also received peer and public acceptance and love. That's why ROC will find Yuan Shanshan in this year's "sewing machine band".

a lot of Netizens found Yuan Shanshan played in the movie "so... And black powder"

From: 袁姗姗当了马甲线女神还嫌不够,又新增了一项飞几小时都照样美的超能力?
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