Good things, with a few, bubble anti-aging beauty water ""!

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original title: good things, with a few, bubble anti-aging beauty water ""!

said to drink 8 glasses of water every day, especially girls, this is supple skin foundation. But most people often forget to drink plenty of water, after all, the white Shuitai monotonous, drink and worry about all kinds of pigments and additives, how to do?

beans small fruit, small fruit recently popular a kind of magic, a few handy in the water, wisps of color such as painting usually bloom in the water dance, slowly into the bottom of the cup, also feel calm and relaxed.


season small pictures from soybean meal

plus a little bit in the bird's nest, can make a beautiful star ~

starry bird's nest, from bean friend @ Wang Xiao fox

magical small fruit called black wolfberry, floret Dongyu Zhou video with its global water " water", it is recommended by health experts "antioxidant deity", Han Hong is the teacher in "every day" strongly recommended hometown specialty.

pictures cut from Dongyu Zhou micro-blog

wild black wolfberry rich in anthocyanins, so water can release the dazzling colors.

anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant from , is known as "oral skin cosmetics", it can delay skin aging, enrich blood and tranquilizing the mind, and free radical scavenging effect. Free radicals are one of the important causes of aging, cancer and so on.

pictures come from bean powder @ sea petrel's nest

No wonder

knowledgeable people say " with 1000 yuan + immortal water, not drink black wolfberry bubble water. "

beans fruit selected businesses "rise" Qi main high-quality medlar and jujube, its commodity is not much, but everything is fine. Black wolfberry repurchase rate is very high, the bean friends @ Nangong if said: "super beautiful, I love to drink water!"

in recent years, black wolfberry has been popular. It has produced a lot of cheap counterfeit "black wolfberry". It has been very slow or can not see well when it enters the water. The color of water is only slightly changed, and its quality is very poor.

"and" Qi Jue black wolfberry directly picked from Qinghai origin , at an altitude of 3000 meters in Gobi, the temperature difference between day and night, sunshine time is 3600 hours, a good ecological environment, excellent quality bred wild black wolfberry.

The black Chinese wolfberry the natural growth of the uneven distribution of

and rare, "Qi" rise of the first stubble picking the top selling wild black wolfberry fruit is more rare, even full, after drying and screening manual removal of impurities, 10 pounds of fresh Chinese wolfberry can only be drying out a pound of dried fruit , very precious.

After the

soaks into the water, the black wolfberry releases the obvious and lasting "countless", and the dream has to be drunken. It is purple in acid water, blue in alkaline water, and changing with water temperature. It is amazing.

entrance to Gan, drink Baishui pool means much ! Add in the honey water, the bird's nest, the color and the nutrition all have ~

black wolfberry sweet osmanthus bird's nest, from the bean fruit Da people @Tina kitchen diary

porridge, soup, baking can also add a little, add a sense of mystery and beauty.

peach black wolfberry fruit tea, from bean fruit Master @ yuan yuan baby

is now not only purchase price concessions, bought two cans of gave each child a small Oh ~ every time as long as a few thousand dollars, than the use of cosmetics can be more cost-effective, to eat, there will be a surprise ~

Qi Jue | black wolfberry Family Pack 60g anti-aging

market price: 140 yuan

powder exclusive price: 88 yuan shipping

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