Each child has nearly 100 hikes in three years in the kindergarten.

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original title: This is a kindergarten in the small room, each child is nearly a hundred times

in three years.

enter the 565 lane of Jingan District Xin gate road. If no one guides, Xiaobian really didn't expect this narrow and tortuous little lane to hide a kindergarten.

along the channel, across the playground. What appears before is an elegant teaching building, surrounded by corridor buildings, Rome columns and French windows. Old buildings are engraved with memories of time. Walk in the classroom building, meet from time to time and some imaginative and interesting design, for which the old building adds fun.

in Xinzhalu kindergarten principals and teachers with wisdom and action surgically, let the world become children's social education platform wide.

thought transformation education environment

before setting up the new kindergarten head of the kindergarten, Li Wei, the director of the garden, served in two demonstrative kindergartens in Jingan District. Four years ago, when Li Wei came to the new gate nursery school, the enrollment of the first class garden once needed her to go around and publicize to the parents.

as located in a small alley, at first, many parents see the kindergarten is the first reaction of disappointment, Li Wei had heard a mother at the gate of the kindergarten loudly call to complain about the family environment. The reactions of the parents for a time made her very frustrated.

how to reverse the impression of the parents and let the children get happiness and happiness in the kindergarten? Li Wei first thought of the garden and the surrounding environment design and transformation.

the day of the interview, the little editor happened to meet several American workers drawing on the wall of the kindergarten near the kindergarten. At the same time, I knew that the original garden was planning to draw 3D illusion art paintings on the white wall of the surrounding lanes, and the children came to the wall to take a photo, as if they had entered the fairy world. A white wall will also be left around the garden for the children to use graffiti in the art class. A small side of the court, after a clever transformation, is not interesting.

small alley after little transformation is not interesting to

also, the interior of the kindergarten has also been carefully designed. The main building of the new gate kindergarten is a porch style building with distinctive features. According to the introduction, the building was originally used as a church, to the Anti Japanese war as a hospital, and then to become a secondary school, primary school, and until the kindergarten. Through historical changes, the appearance of the architecture is always the same, bearing the full history and culture.

the principal and teachers in this area of only 2000 square meters of the campus clever use of space, let the old building re radiate childlike. A floor space below is designed as a mini basketball space; corridor, graffiti and layout can be seen everywhere childlike; on the playground, also to put a lot of sports equipment......


" environment is a silent language, which will have a subtle influence on children. " Li Wei said that as long as the use of limited resources, in fact, can bring a very broad learning and educational resources.

today, Xinzhalu kindergarten has become a good kindergarten parents home in front of the mouth. has parents and children to call this kindergarten hidden in the small alleyway affectionately known as "secret garden". Children go to kindergarten every day as if they are exploring a treasure hunt.

What is

playing in the last hundred times?

as a sports characteristic kindergarten, new gateway kindergarten has been exploring the characteristic curriculum since 70s and 80s of last century. Li Wei said that after years of curriculum practice and the recent grinding of teaching team and expert team, kindergarten's characteristic courses now have richer connotation.


" the curriculum is designed not only to focus on the development of children's movements, but also to jump out of sports to see the movement. " Li Wei said that the "small eyes in the big world" of the kindergarten's social experience development initiative

From: 这所藏身于小弄堂内的幼儿园里,每位孩子三年远足近百次
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