The persimmons are made of pancake, and the taste is really good. The tasty and non greasy children are very fond of eating

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autumn and winter season is the best time to eat persimmons, this is not a few days ago relatives sent a lot of persimmons, I was worried how to solve them. I usually do not eat the fruit, but not eating will be broken, threw strange pity, so think of the persimmon pies. You don't say that it tastes good. Good food and no greasy little friends are sure to love it.


persimmons, middle gluten flour, oil, egg

1, the meat removed from persimmon, mash in a bowl. Join 120g's medium flour, put an egg, stir a few, and then your clean little hand crumple into dough. The persimmons themselves are sweet and the humidity is great, so we don't have to add any sweeteners and water.

, dough, knead, put one side and start to wake up for 15 minutes. When you wake up, you must knead it with your hand.

, the dough children were divided into 6 equal parts, can use a rolling pin roll into a round, you can also hand into rounds. In a word, which method do you think is convenient to use.

the pot into the oil, after heating to small fry cake. It is necessary to use a small fire to remember to remember, otherwise it is easy to decoct, and cause the heat uneven, the appearance of unripe situation. The fried cake, you can put some sesame rich taste it.

persimmon pie in the bowl, look at the shape, and then look at the color, it's really perfect! Bite, skin crisp, sweet and soft inside, don't eat it at all. Or change the persimmons into pumpkin, and come out with a new dish. Let's do it once. It tastes very nice.

said to you today to advance the article to you, oh, the result is so late, I am sorry. Tomorrow must try to make premature infants recipes to you, where I'm going to write a review mianbisiguo. Even if the push is late, I know you still love me, right? They were ~

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