In 2017 a total of $1 trillion global tycoon Xu Jiayin new fortune second

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original title: in 2017 the global total of $1 trillion wealthy Xu Jiayin new fortune second


president of the director of Hengda Real Estate Group, Xu Jiayin. Image source: Visual Chinese

is not the richest, but more rich, and this year the world's billionaires have gone up again.

Bloomberg billionaire index shows that as of Tuesday, U.S. stocks closed this year, the total number of the top 500 people in the world personal wealth is 5 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 900 billion yuan compared with the same period last year, an increase of more than 20%.

According to the country, the Bloomberg index shows that the total wealth of 38 Chinese billionaires has increased by 177 billion US dollars this year, 65% higher than that of last year, which is the largest among 49 countries' richest


Among the Chinese rich

, Xu Jiayin, the chairman of the board of directors of the Hengda Group, increased by 25 billion 900 million US dollars from last year, a 350% increase. In dollar terms, his personal wealth growth scale after the Amazon founder and CEO Bezos, Bezos wealth increased by $34 billion 200 million this year.

the highest ranking Chinese riches is Ma Huateng, the chairman of the Tencent Inc board. His personal wealth has almost doubled this year to $41 billion.

Bloomberg's above rich wealth is not surprising, which is basically the same as Forbes's previous data.


announced last week that "Forbes" released more than 2000 billionaires' net assets. It found that the net assets of the top ten billionaires increased by 204 billion US dollars from January 1st to 14 this year, which is 2.7 times the increase of 74 billion 700 million US dollars in the same period last year. The largest increase in wealth this year is Bezos, Xu Jiayin is the second, and Ma Huateng is fifth.

Wall Street knowledge mentioned earlier, Bezos holds 80 million shares of Amazon stock holdings accounted for 17% of the total outstanding capital of the amazon. Amazon's share price continues to rise this year, above $1182 this Wednesday, almost 1.6 times the level at the beginning of the year.


Amazon's share price screenshot since this year comes from YAHOO finance

promoted by Amazon's share price. Bezos's personal wealth has surpassed Bill Gate 7 times at the end of this year and the end of 10. He is the world's richest man.

Some of the reports that

announced earlier this year have shown a high concentration of global wealth.

Washington think tank Institute for Policy Studies released last year's annual report that the three richest men in the United States -- Bezos, Gates and Buffett share the same wealth as Yu Quanmei and half of the bottom population.


" Forbes updated 2017 global rich list, as a document, Bezos personal net worth of $99 billion 300 million, again in the first place, a row of $8 billion 400 million in the second Gates, was ranked twenty-second in the Xu Jiayin personal net assets 2.8 times.

ranked the highest ranked seventeenth in China. Ma Huateng had a net worth of personal assets of 44 billion 700 million dollars, Ma Yun ranked twentieth, and Li Jiacheng ranked twenty-third.


the screenshot of the above billionaires from Forbes's official website

In October,

released the 2017 billionaire report jointly released by PWC and PWC. Last year, the total wealth of the global billionaires increased 17% over the previous year to 6 trillion US dollars, which is two times the size of the British GDP.


report shows that last year China billionaires increased 101, average every three days the birth of a new Regal, but the total wealth, American billionaires also accounted for the top, the total wealth of $2 trillion and 800 billion, Asian billionaire wealth amounted to $2 trillion.

The main author,

reported at ultra high net worth wealth management head of global Josef Stadler commented that the degree of concentration of global wealth is not less than the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century America's Gilded age.

, it is worth noting that the above report shows that the number of Chinese billionaires who had dropped out of the list of billionaires last year accounted for 34, accounting for 43% of the total number of the rich list.

in this regard, a written report, PWC partner Zhang Lijun responded to the Wall Street knowledge, think this is due to China rich easy for companies to market very quickly, but also by the market volatility, policy factors and adjustment of industrial structure is greatly affected, resulting in a large area of wealth has shrunk.

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