The 52 year old Cambridge street hankao: I just want to win back some dignity

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original title: 52 year old hankao on Cambridge Street: I just want to win back some dignity


if there is a chance to go to University of Cambridge for further education, I believe that no student will refuse, it is the number of many people dream of learning.

, a 52 year old tramp, was so lucky to have entered the world's leading university campus. What was the chance of a coincidence that contributed to this luck?


the University of Cambridge library, every day at 5 am, has brilliantly illuminated, huge reading room full of people, some even sit directly on the ground, the magic is actually not to hear a little noise, only the rustle of paper.

is hardworking people, there is an extraordinarily loud. He looks plain clothes, or even some old books, for the face full of vicissitudes of life, and to students not seem like


originally, a few months ago he was a 52 year old tramp with only junior high school culture. But now, he is a member of the University of Cambridge "giant drop age".

the University of Cambridge in England is a well-known common sense. It is one of the most advanced universities in the world. From the beginning of 1209 to the present, ups and downs have been standing for over 8 centuries, which is called the living history of Britain.


University of Cambridge also has one of the largest libraries in the world, with more than 600 copies of books. It is not only for reading but also for research. It is not only the students of our school, but also the academic world in the world.


such a historical and cultural atmosphere of high-quality universities, is bound to want to go to a crowded broken head, not what cultural bum, is how to become the highest institution of the students?

The uncle named Geoff Edwards, at the beginning of

, was born in Liverpool in northwestern England.


parents are honest people, not what he was ambitious, do not love school, is a poor people in the mouth "".

, who graduated from junior high school, only got a diploma in two subjects of mathematics and English, then said goodbye to the campus and went to the farm to be a worker.


but there is no culture in foreign countries. If you don't keep mind, you will be out of work. If you lose your job, you will stay on the street. Geoff came to Cambridge to work hard not long, was badly injured all over the body of reality.

, because of his low degree, couldn't find a job and became a wanderer on the streets of Cambridge after his savings. Wearing a red vest and a magazine called The Big Issue.


The Big Issue is a public welfare magazine, founded by Gordon Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop. It sells through tramps, and every street user can get half of his income.

The creation of the

magazine is intended to restore the dignity of the vagrants so that they can recover their confidence in life through labor and be self reliant.


during the day, he was on the street, shouting at the bright people in the street, "The Big Issue, ladies and gentlemen!"


at night, he took his little luggage, find a corner on the ground to the wind and sleep.

's homeless and idle life for a long time, it will paralyze the mind and destroy the people's fighting spirit.

At the beginning of

, Geoff felt about his own situation

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