The little brother saved 25000 lives, praise for his point!

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original title: the brother saved 25000 lives, praise for his point!

saves wild animal

The | force, Ni Chujiao

he saved ten animals a day.

day after day, he transformed an ordinary zoo into an animal sanatorium to help the injured wild animals.

for six years, the sanatorium has helped adopt 25000 animals.

his name is Greg Irons (Greg Irons), 33, an ordinary Australian young man.

beautiful Tasmania

, an animal convalescent home in Tasmania, Australia's only island state, is located at the southernmost part of Australia and is called the "end of the world".

2014, a parrot sanatorium adoption Centennial birthday, specially sent a letter to the Queen's birthday.

why did Greg do such a warm heart? What's the story of the animals he adopted to help?

's curious "one" reporter went to Tasmania to explore the wildlife Noah's Ark of the "world's end".

Bono Lang Lang wildlife sanatorium gate

The entrance of

Bono Lang wildlife sanatorium is not conspicuous. If you walk along this path, you will see a low fence gate, and visitors coming in and out will consciously plug the plug.

is here, and we saw Greg for the first time.

day, the two sides after greeting, he said: "there is a brown frog mouth eagle, because of strong winds and parents separated, is a dog infested place right now, I'm going to save it."

finished, and he started.

here, the rescue is the first.

every year, more than 500 thousand animals are injured in taszhou, the fence, the traffic, the dogs, the cats, and even the garbage, which can threaten their lives.

this is the brown frog mouth eagle, also called brown nightjar.

The life habit of

it looks dignified and strong and nocturnal like owls, but is actually a fake. Frog body tawny eagle mouth, a big head, face is a drama, his mouth like a toad, hence the name.

It's not easy for

to find this little pitiful.

frog mouth camouflage eagle is a small expert, love still stops in the trees, at first glance like a piece of bark.

Greg made 5 calls to the girl who called the police, and finally found it in the hundreds of trees in the same tree.

it's still a small baby, and it doesn't fly. Greg looked at the surroundings carefully, and did not find his parents, so he took it back to the sanatorium.


brought back the eagle, Greg began to feed the small animals in the nursing home to feel the sprout of the face.

after that, Greg was sitting down, peace of mind to accept our interview.

chat is Huan, he is also an urgent task away.

a troublemaker put the bottle into the possession of the pit, he had to dig out.

is a bad thing.

this is a koalas, a large herbivorous animal living in Australia. Daily is to eat grass, dig holes, sell sprouts, and put food in holes. If it is not excavated from its caves in time, it will probably be mistaken or chewed by it.

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