I didn't think that this Cantonese restaurant was like this.

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original title: I did not expect that this Cantonese restaurant is actually like this.

breaks your usual impression of the restaurant

extravagant environment, the price of ground gas

stands in the 3 big different, erect Humen catering industry 20+

(at the end of this paper there are benefits: to send 118 three consumption mutton pot method)

1. here dishes are not the same

good at Cantonese food "new" to do

fusion dish

cooked with innovation

tastes unique, and other families can't eat


2. here is not the same seafood as

Guangzhou yellow sand seafood market direct

full market seafood wharf price , only earn processing fee

it is cheaper than you to buy home processing in the market

3. here the dim sum is not the same


by the Ming file

creative dessert

with connotation

7:30-14:30 full field dessert with 20 percent off

creative new school Guangdong

| is lucky to sign |

risked "immortals" on the table, looking at a set of tea sets, looking at a row of neat Pawa pills, and one cylinder sign.

took off the cover sign, you can see the sign there, are some auspicious or funny words, and each sign is not the same, no wonder that the lucky sign ~

sign on, sea cucumber and pork stomach with abalone sauce cooked fragrant flavor, buckle, never tasted so precious string ~

12 golden yellow pear pill, meaning the source of wealth rolling, the external crisp glutinous taste is very good.

| for salmon |


Table two the market is something

, see the pattern so beautiful salmon also want to direct the chopsticks to eat, but the boss said to wait.

a super ritual dish, every step has its auspicious meaning, but too many captain forgot, want to know that in the past, there was a waiter to introduce you.

is the best of a group of friends to pick up the long chopsticks together, while shouting the auspicious words, while fishing the fish, we get the wind and water, full of ceremonies!

fishing fish butter salmon removed so that some people can not accept the smell of fish, mixed with assorted vegetables taste is very rich.

| hand and |


feeling that burning chop more appropriately, there is on fire. The middle is a lamb with ultra high temperature pebbles, can let the lamb chop has insulation, prevent cool change Shan ~