Jia Yueting sends Christmas blessings and wife Wei Gan is exposed to Losangeles (pictured)

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original title: Jia Yueting sent Christmas blessings, wife Wei Gan was exposed to Losangeles (Figure)

12 25, micro-blog has been released to celebrate Christmas in the United States the repairer Jia Yueting, with FF staff wearing christmas hats, surrounded by around seven FF electric cars distribution, festive atmosphere.

but this map is not clear, so the question is, where is Jia Yueting?

and according to the grand literary original CEO Hou Xiaoqiang revealed that Wei Gan should be accompanied by Jia Yueting at this time.

12, Hou Xiaoqiang issued a micro top bar, which he saw Jia Yueting and his wife Wei Gan in Losangeles on the same day.

Hou Xiaoqiang said, "today in Losangeles tried FF91, design, performance, turn around, speed up... It's amazing. Jia Yueting and Wei Gan, who were entrepreneurs, were happy for them. Looking forward to a day of mass production. "

enter after December, Jia Yueting appears to be a new dream cars turn, continue to spread the good news.

12, it was reported that Jia Yueting announced in FF internal whole conference that FF successfully completed over 1 billion dollars in A round equity financing. at the same time, Jia Yueting, chairman of FF, said he would be the FF global CEO and chief product officer.

on the December 22nd winter solstice day, the music company held a staff meeting, music as COO COO Gao Jingshen confirmed the United States FF financing in place, and said that funds have been coming to account. but, for the specific amount of FF financing and investor background, the high view depth has not been disclosed in the conference.

Gao Jing also said that FF will implement the dual home home strategy of China and the United States, and that auto employees will become employees of FF China. It is understood that all employees approaching 300 in the car will be quickly transferred to FF.

, and their financing in place, is a huge debt and turnover scandal plagued Jia Yueting, finally in the United States is the most important festival, ushered in the building in the " new dawn ". return to the Sohu, see more "editor-name" data-role=

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