Can the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau call back Jia Yueting: it can be seen as a regulatory effort, and there is no coercion

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original title: can the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau call back Jia Yueting: it can be seen as a regulatory effort, and there is no coercive means of

distance Chinese Commission with Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered Jia Yueting to return to the period of 5 days, but it may be very difficult to notice a piece of paper in December 31st before the call back to the far Jia Yueting in the United states.

12 month 25 days, Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission issued a notice that in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of listed companies and investors, is ordered to Jia Yueting on December 31, 2017 before returning home, and earnestly fulfill the duties of the actual control of the company, the company cooperate to solve the problem, the safe disposal of the company's risk, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

in this regard, Shanghai transwin law firm senior partner Xu Feng told surging news ( said that the announcement is only a regulatory measures, if Jia Yueting failed to return on schedule, supervision departments have not returned to coercion, and no good methods should be.

Xu Feng said the announcement was mainly a non administrative punishment, which could be regarded as a regulatory effort.

in fact, this is not the first time the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau propaganda Jia Yueting.

9 13 July, the Beijing securities regulatory bureau to Jia Yueting issued "on the Jia Yueting regulatory concern letter", clear requirements to see Jia Yueting immediately in the article, the risks facing the safe disposal of the company. Since then, a number of listed companies have also transferred to Jia Yueting many times to return to the responsibility of the requirements, but there has not been Jia Yue pavilion to take relevant action.

to this end, the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau upgraded the relevant regulatory measures, and ordered Jia Yueting to return to his country for a limited time.



of Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau December 25th notice

Shanghai myeongryun lawyer Wang Zhibin told surging news that if Jia Yueting fails to return, then further escalation may face regulatory measures, including the follow-up shichangjinru punishment.

Wang Zhibin believes that regulators have the right to make specific administrative actions, requiring senior executives of listed companies or actual controllers to return to their respective responsibilities. However, specific administrative actions may not be binding on Chinese citizens outside the country, that is to say, if citizens refuse to perform abroad, it is impossible to enforce them directly.

, moreover, Jia Yueting's assets such as equity, real assets, cash and so on are generally frozen by the court, and the space for regulatory authorities to operate is also not large.

On 25

12, an executive ruling of the Beijing court trial information network showed that Jia Yue pavilion has no room, no car and no bank deposit.



of the central court of Beijing

in terms of the content of the ruling, Huafu securities applied for enforcement, 203 million yuan and liquidated damages in September 1, 2017. In the execution, the court conducted a survey on the bank deposits, housing registration and vehicle registration of the executor, Jia Yueting. 1 million 309 thousand and 400 yuan of jutting bank deposit was deducted by the executor. Waiting for the closure of the 1 billion 24 million shares held by Jia Yueting, the enlisted man, under the name of X real estate located at Dongzhi Wai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, and the X property in Beijing District, Chaoyang District double Garden South Lane two district.

, however, the executive judgement says that there is no other bank executable bank deposit, no other housing registration record and no vehicle registration record. The current executor Jia Yueting has no property to carry out. The applicant, Huafu securities, does not present a clue to the property that Jia Yue Pavilion can carry out.

Music Department of capital chain crisis continues, in July 2017, Jia Yueting went to the United States, which will be focused on car business, has since resigned LETV (300104) chairman.

Jia Yueting's personal reputation also fell to the bottom of the valley. In November, Jia Yueting was the Beijing first intermediate people's court in December November to limit consumption, and traced owed by Ping An Securities 480 million yuan outstanding, the court was included in the list of dishonest debtor (commonly known as Lai).

was included in the list of old Lai means that Jia Yueting in many domestic high consumer behavior will be limited, and will be limited to the country, so it is generally believed that in this wave of debt before the crisis, Jia Yueting is unlikely to return to the mainland.

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